Blog  This week’s theme, שייך (Sha’yach – Belong)

This week’s theme, שייך (Sha’yach – Belong)

By Mel Wasser

Our second week of camp was full of energy, excitement, and fun! Campers in each unit got to enjoy adventurous evening programs, build on new skills, and even had some fun in the rain with traditional camp puddle jumping and dance parties! As we get ready to start a new week, it’s clear that camp is in full swing and feels like no time has passed since we were last all here together. But before we do, let’s reflect back on this amazing week which can truly only be summed up into one word: belonging.

This week’s theme of belonging was seen everywhere around camp. We asked some of our Kochavim campers, “What is it about Camp George that makes you feel a sense of belonging?” Hillary G. (K4) said, “being around friends,” and Rachel Z. (K4) answered, “counselors and staff.” Perhaps the best way to connect with friends and staff at camp is through bunk nights, which is what our Lehavot and Barak campers got to do this week! Bunk nights are cabin-based evening programs planned by the cabins’ staff. These fun-filled activities are the perfect, only-at-camp moments that not only allow cabins to strengthen their bond, but really make cabinmates feel like family.

Our CIT program kicked into full gear this week with the group completing their first placement. This is such an important part of the CIT experience because it gives our future leaders a chance to shadow cabins or specialists all week, taking on new leadership opportunities and getting a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of camp! Camp truly wouldn’t be the same without this incredible cohort, and we’re so excited to watch them continue to grow throughout the summer. Toda Rabah, CITs!

Finally, we ended the week with a beautiful Pride Shabbat. This meaningful Camp George tradition is one that everyone at camp looks forward to each year. It has become a vital part of our summers in which we take a moment to learn and listen, as well as celebrate and recognize Camp George as a safe space where all identities are welcome. We are so grateful to our Lehavot campers for planning such a beautiful and important Shabbat, and to the whole camp community for making our camp one of love, acceptance, and belonging.