Blog  Welcome Home, CG!

Welcome Home, CG!

Written by Mel Wasser

The first week of camp is always exciting for campers and staff alike. For those of us that live the 10-for-2 lifestyle, our countdown for the next summer begins the second we say goodbye to maple lake for the season.

However, as to be expected, the excitement this year was infectious! Bigger than ever! Campers, staff, Hanhallah and faculty have been waiting more than their usual 10 months to feel the camp energy roar again. They were ready to dive into their camp lives with their camp families. They were ready to return home.

Throughout this first week, the theme of returning home buzzed throughout camp. Campers settled into their cabins, getting to know their new staff and cabin-mates. Campers also completed their swim tests and learned their unit cheers, a clear sign that camp has begun!

One standout moment this week that truly symbolized ‘coming home’ was the Mezuzah blessing for the new Pavillion. This exciting new addition to camp has already become a staple of the summer. With air bands, Shabbat Idol and opening ceremonies all taking place under this beautiful new building, it needed a proper welcome to the camp community. Our Nitzotzot campers had the honour of placing and blessing the Mezuzah, making it feel more like home. We can’t wait to use this new facility throughout the summer and for years to come.

As we begin a new week at camp, we know that the energy and excitement will only grow stronger and stronger. Campers and staff will continue to build lifelong skills, friendships and memories, and we know that summer 2021 is going to be the best one yet!

Welcome home, CG. We’ve missed you.