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A Letter from Camp

Yesterday was Yom Doar, letter writing day! During Menucha (rest period), campers took time to write a letter home. Here’s a letter from a Lehavot camper.


Dear Mom,

Hello from Camp George! How are you? I am doing great and having a lot of fun. Today we had Drama and played wax museum. We also had Teva and played Shalosh Maklot (3 Sticks). My favourite things so far is the Island Adventure. We played a game where we had to make an ad for some random thing on the island.

My counselor’s names are Celia, Isabel, Yael, Bryanna, Merriel, and Laura. They are awesome. I have 11 other kids in my cabin. A funny thing happened in our cabin recently. The other day, when I was skiing, my skis fell off two times while I was on the rope. I switched to the book and I got all the way around the lake.

The food here is pretty good. My favourite meal so far was lasagna. I can’t wait to glaze and paint my mug at Pottery. I hope you liked hearing a little bit about my time at camp. I will tell you more when I get home in just a few days!