Blog  Lillian and Hannah’s Parlour Meeting Experience

Lillian and Hannah’s Parlour Meeting Experience

Hey Camp George!

We recently held a parlour meeting in London, Ontario at campers Lillian and Hannah’s house! Check out our interview with them below to find out why these super enthusiastic campers have gotta get to George, their tips for new campers and more! Thanks for chatting with us Lillian and Hannah, we can’t wait to see you back on Maple Lake!


Tell us a little bit about yourself (grade, hobbies, etc.)

Lillian: “I’m in grade 5 and some things I like to do are, diving, ballet and modern dance, ski and snowboard. I have a twin sister named Hannah and a dog named Rocky!!”

Hannah: “Hi! My name is Hannah. I live in London ON and am in Gr.5 . My favourite things to do are art, play tennis, read, ski / snowboard, watch movies, travel and read.”

How many summers have you been at camp?

Lillian: “This summer will be my 3rd summer at camp!!”

Hannah: “This will be my third summer at camp!!”

 What are your favourite camp activities?

Lillian: “Some of my favourite camp activities are ropes, water skiing and paddle sports.”

Hannah: “My favourite camp activities are water skiing, pottery and the ropes course.”

What makes Camp George special to you?

Lillian: “Camp George is special to me because the Beit T’fillah is beautiful and it is fun to be surrounded by so many other Jewish kids our age. All the counselors are super nice and seeing them the next summer is (always) awesome!!”

Hannah: “Camp George is special to me because in London there are not a lot of other Jewish kids.  Also. it’s nice to be in a Jewish environment for a longer while because it sort of reminds you there are more Jewish people out there then you think.”

Why are you excited to get back to George?

Lillian: “I am excited to get back to George because I can’t wait to do all the fun activities and I am looking forward to the Shabbat services. I also want to get back to George because I love hanging out in the cozy cabins during menucha (rest hour.)”

Hannah: “I am excited to go back to Camp George because I really like seeing my friends and seeing my old counselors also I really really like the activities.”

What was it like to host a parlour meeting at your house and tell people about Camp George?

Lillian: “It was really cool to host a parlour meeting at my house and have KK (Karen Kollins) and Jules (Julia Guest) in my house. I also liked having the parlour session at my house because I enjoyed telling people about Camp George. I would like to have a parlor session at my house again!!!”

Hannah: “Hosting a parlour meeting at my house was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked having everyone come to my house order pizza and talk about Camp George. Telling all the people about my time at camp and why Camp George was so fun and super cool.”

What were you most excited to share about camp with the new families?

Lillian: “I was most excited to share about the island adventure because it was a highlight for me this year since I had never been camping before and I really liked it.”

Hannah: “Telling all the people about my time at camp and why Camp George was so fun and it was super cool. I think one of the best thing’s to share about Camp George with new families was the Beit T’fillah. I really like the way it’s right by the lake and basically right in the middle of the forest.”

Any tips for new campers? (Things to pack, things to try, tips on adjusting to camp etc.) 

Lillian: “I suggest that you bring lots of bug spray (it gets used up fast) and you will not be too hot in fleece pj’s or onesies on cooler nights!! Also it is a good idea to bring a nice outfit for Saturday morning services.”

Hannah: “One of my tips to new campers is bring a thick blanket and a onesie. This is just a suggestion, but I like to hang up pics of my family and other poster like stuff because it makes your space feel a little bite more like home.”