Blog  20 Skills That You Can Learn at Camp

20 Skills That You Can Learn at Camp

Registration for CG 2018 is HERE!!!!

We are so excited to start gearing up for our 20th summer on Maple Lake! This of course has us thinking about all the amazing skills that YOU can learn at camp. Here are just 20 (of the many) skills that you can learn at camp THIS summer! We look forward to receiving your registration!

Skill #1: The importance of camp friendships 

Skill #2: Community leadership 

Skill #3: How to have an inclusive camp community 

Skill #4:Leadership and tikkun olam 

Skill #5:How to disconnect from technology 

Skill #6:How to build close relationships 

Skill #7: How to water ski

Skill #8:Why Shabbat at camp is special 

Skill #9: Hebrew vocabulary 

Skill #10: How to succeed in school 

Skill #11: Jewish leadership 

Skill #12: Rabbinical school skills 

Skill #13: How to ride a bike 

Skill #14: How to make your dreams come true 

Skill #15:How to love the outdoors 

Skill #16: How to work in the Jewish community 

Skill #17: Independence, contentment and confidence 

Skill #18: How to work/live abroad

Skill #19: The importance of community 

Skill #20: Skills that come in handy everyday