Blog  Camp Made Us Closer, Camp Made Us Brothers

Camp Made Us Closer, Camp Made Us Brothers

Meet Tyler, a Kochavim camper, his brother Ben- a Nitzotzot camper and their cousin James who is also a Nitzotzot camper. These three love to spend time together and we are excited to share how camp has brought them closer together. Here is their story:

Tyler: “This is my 6th summer at camp. I was very excited when Ben and James started coming to camp because I really enjoy having them here. It gives me something extra to look forward to. I admire that the are always there for each other no matter what. Ben is so caring and James is so funny. They taught me to never give up on family because we will always be there for each other. Camp has made us closer, because of camp, we’re all like brothers.”

Ben: “This is my 3rd summer at camp; I like it here very much. I like being at camp with Tyler and James because it makes them happy, we love being together. I admire Tyler because he is really nice and he is always there for me and so is James. They taught me to care about others and help people when they are afraid.”

James: “This is my 3rd summer at camp, I like it a lot, and it’s very fun. I really wanted to come to camp to spend more time with Tyler and Ben. I admire my cousins because they teach me a lot of things. We have fun together and we love each other. I would describe Tyler as responsible and Ben as humorous. Tyler has helped me to meet new friends at camp and Ben has taught me to listen more.”

We couldn’t imagine going to camp without each other because we love spending time together.