Blog  My Camp George Creates: Connections between Camp George and Israel

My Camp George Creates: Connections between Camp George and Israel

By: Jewel Gold

We first met the Zittan family in summer 2013. Eran, the father, was starting a 2-year Fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Mount Sinai Hospital and his wife Sarit and their 3 children, Michal, Yael and Alon uprooted themselves from their comfortable lives in Israel to join him on this Canadian adventure. It turns out that Eran is first cousins with my husband’s first cousin [on opposite sides of the family]. We were asked to host the family and we invited them over for a swim and barbecue one Sunday afternoon and the rest is history. We bonded instantaneously [even before we met their 4-legged Bonnie who arrived a couple of months later]. They are simply the most wonderful family one could imagine.

Over the course of the next 2 years, we spent a lot of time together with the Zittans – Shabbats, High Holy Days, Passover and all of the chaggim in between. Sarit is the most amazing cook and baker!! On top of that, Eran and I were both working at Mount Sinai Hospital and we shared many a Starbucks coffee.

The Zittan family returned to Israel in summer 2015 after having seen more of Canada and the United States in 2 years than I have seen in my lifetime. We visited them in Israel in May 2016 but not before they had made a decision to send their oldest daughter Michal to Camp George for summer 2016. Sarit and Eran wanted their daughter to maintain a Canadian connection, keep in touch with her school friends, use her English language skills and create new bonds and friendships in Canada.

What better way to achieve these goals then by sending a child to a Reform summer camp in Ontario??!! Michal spent the first session at Camp George and loved every minute of it. She had and shared experiences that are simply not available to teenagers in Israel. Experiences that turn into memories that last a lifetime.

Michal was fortunate to be the beneficiary of a Camp George Scholarship Program that enabled her to attend summer camp in Canada. Connections like this, between Camp George and Israel are so enriching, both for the campers and the camp. I encourage you all to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund to help sponsor other Canadian and Israeli children and enable them to benefit from a summer camp experience.


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