Blog  Supporting Dancers For Cancer: My Sam Award Donation

Supporting Dancers For Cancer: My Sam Award Donation

By: Danielle D’Onofrio

My first summer at camp was in 2011, and little did I know that stepping off that bus would change my life in such a significant way. Camp has truly become a home away from home for me, and has provided me with a unique Jewish community that I would never have experienced in the city. The lifelong friendships and memories that I have made at camp have influenced who I am both as a Jew and as a leader. This past summer in my second year as staff, I had the honour of receiving the Sam Award. This experience has been so extremely special, knowing that I have made an positive impact in a community that has influenced me in so many ways.

The charity that I have chosen to donate to as part of receiving the Sam Award is Dancers For Cancer, which is an organization working to raise one million dollars for Sick Kids Hospital. This money will be put towards the renovation of Marnie’s Studio, a multipurpose studio used for child life programming through the arts. I have chosen this organization because it combines my love for working with children along with my strong passion for dance. Dancers For Cancer is providing patients with the amazing opportunity to participate in the arts, an opportunity that I have been blessed with and which has truly changed me as a person. After working with and fundraising for Dancers For Cancer in high school, it seemed like the perfect choice for this donation!


I would like to thank Jeff, Karen, and all of the Hanhallah team for giving me this opportunity to donate money to a cause I so strongly support and believe in. Camp has changed my life in so many ways, and my hope is that I will be able to make a change is someone else’s.