Blog  Nitzotzot Creates Mirpa’ah Cheer Bags

Nitzotzot Creates Mirpa’ah Cheer Bags

Earlier this week, I joined CG 101 (our Nitzotzot units educational program) for an amazing activity: creating Mirpa’ah (infirmary) cheer bags. The idea being to give people, who aren’t feeling well, one of these bags to cheer them up! What an awesome way to bring happiness to campers in need!

Campers started off by decorating paper bags, writing messages like “get well soon” and drawing pictures and designs on the bags. They also created pet rocks (little rocks that they decorated with faces) to go in the bags. (So campy!) Next, they went to the “filling station” where they filled their bags. Each bag was filled with: a notepad, a pencil (with really fun animal shaped erasers), stickers, bubbles, glow sticks and a pet rock.

photo (1)

It was wonderful to see our youngest campers really taking the idea of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) to heart. Here’s what a few of our campers had to say about this experience:

Jacob from N13: “It’s important to honour the people who aren’t as well as usual and to make their faces shine.”

Evelyn from N2: “It’s good to make people feel good when they’re sick.”

Lior from N13: “These bags are important because it makes people know that you’re thinking about them.”

Jonah from N13: “It’s good to make these because it makes people feel better and it gives them something to do while they’re sick.”

Ruby from N13: “When someone gets one of these they will feel happy and it will make them feel better.”

Evan from N3: “It’s good to make these Mirpa’ah cheer bags because it’s a mitzvah. It will make people feel happy.”

So proud of our Nitzotzot campers!

– Jane HK