Blog  Building Confidence and Happiness On Maple Lake

Building Confidence and Happiness On Maple Lake

I recently had the pleasure of attending the B4 girls “Shabbat Walk.” In case you don’t already know, each week after dinner on Saturday nights, all cabins in camp participate in Shabbat Walks. These are programs planned by the staff of each cabin, which are meant to bond the cabin together and also provide time to reflect on the week. When I heard what the staff of B4 had planned, I knew I had to tag along!


So I headed up to B4’s cabin and the Shabbat Walk began. With the girls all sitting in the circle, staff members talked about the importance of complimenting each other and also of promoting positive body image. The task at hand? For the girls to write quotes that were important to them on paper that would then be hung up by the bathroom mirrors. The goal: To make campers and staff feel happy and positive each and everyday, so that everyday can be a good and happy day!

I was so impressed with how the girls took this activity to heart. Here are some of the quotes they shared and why:

Paddlesports Specialist Sophie Foxman: “Smile, you’re beautiful.”

Camper Zara: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I chose this quote because I saw it somewhere a while ago and I’ve always remembered it. I think it’s really relevant to camp because camp is all about making the best of every situation.

Counselor Danielle: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Camper Mara: “You never know what is around the corner, it might be everything.”

Camper Gabrielle: “There will always be flowers for those who wish to see them.” I chose this quote because I think you should always look at the good things and appreciate what you have around you.

Counselor Ellie Jackson: “Dance like no one is watching.”

Camper Aoife: “Go big or go home.” Because you should always put an effort into everything you do.

Camper Aliyah: “What will you do with your trip around the sun?” This quote is from a speech that my friend did. It makes me think about how there are always beautiful things out there and to remember that.

Proud of cabin B4 and loving their new inspirational mirrors!

– Jane HK