Blog  Fun-Jew-Cation with Josh: Week #2

Fun-Jew-Cation with Josh: Week #2

Education Director Josh Dubell here. I’m back again, with a look at the education programs that took place in the second week at camp. We had an amazing second week of programming here on Maple Lake.

Here’s a look at our unit programming this past week.

Nitzotzot: CG 101 is the name of Nitzotzot’s program. This summer the theme of CG 101 is “Passport to Adventure!” Our youngest campers will get a passport and explore the local customs and traditions of CG. Bonding with new friends, finding meaning in prayers and special holidays and looking for answers to the big questions.

–       The first program this week was “Jews In Space.” Campers talked about the kind of things Jews need in a community, like a Torah, a synagogue etc.  They talked about what they would bring if they needed to build a community from scratch. We were impressed with their answers!


–       The in the second program, they learned about the importance of Shabbat. Campers participated in Shabbat activities, like signing Shabbat songs, hearing Shabbat stories and they even baked their own challahs! Yum!

Lehavot: T.A.G. (Torah, Avodah and Gimilut Chassadim) is the name of Lehavot’s educational program. The theme for the session is Jewish heroes through the ages.

–       During the first program, Lehavot learned about Deborah, the first Jewish Israelite female judge. They related this to making decisions in their cabins and how they work as a team to make decisions. This session was all about communication, listening and trust.

–       In the second program, Lehavot learned about Judah Maccabee. They talked about what Jewish items they would bring with them if they were to join the Maccabee army. Campers even became part of the Maccabee arm and marched around cheering through camp!

–       During the third program, campers learned about Theodore Herzl and the importance of coming up with their very own visions. Campers had the opportunity to make their very own dream launchers (a contraption similar to a sling shot) with their cabin groups. Then they wrote their dreams on ping-pong balls and were able to launch them! How cool!

Kochavim: Olim is the name of Kochavim’s new program. In addition to the formally scheduled period, Olim moments also happen at different points throughout the day.

-This week, Kochavim spent a day learning about the Warsaw ghetto uprising. This lesson was woven into various activities throughout the day and during the official Olim period. Cabins were woken up with a Yiddish song playing in their cabin. Later on in the day they were played the English version and they discussed the meaning and significance of the lyrics.

Kochavim also looked at artwork that was created during the Holocaust and they were introduced to five characters from the Warsaw uprising, thanks to the amazing acting skills of our faculty. To top off the day, they learned about the Hatikvah (which means hope) in the evening, which was a wonderful way to wrap up the day.

Barak: Project Barak is the program that our Barak campers participate in. Each week they sign up for different educational electives, which are run by our amazing camp faculty.

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Here are the 5 Project Barak’s that ran this week:

Project Signs Part 2 with Rabbi Jordan Helfman: Campers continued to work on creating signs that will be posted around camp. Next step: to the pottery kiln! We can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Everyday Social Action with Elana Paice Lidsky: In this project, campers helped with everyday tasks around camp. Whether it meant picking up garbage around camp, or helping out with resetting camp spaces, campers definitely gave back to our community.

The Bible and Pop Music with Eric Petersiel: Music appreciation meets the bible! Campers explored songs where they bible, or stories from it are mentioned and talked about the significance behind this.

CGTV with Erin Polansky: Campers in this project made their very own news program…coming soon! They filmed the everyday life of camp and did lots of interviews.

Free Lulu with Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg: In this group, campers learned about the Free Lulu campaign and talked about how they can make a difference. Campers even wrote letters to Lulu and her family, which will be mailed to them this week.

C.I.T.’s:  This week the C.I.T.’s continued to participate in Hadracha’s (training seminars.) The highlight of their Jewish learning this week was the Shabbat Super Fun program they participated on. C.I.T.’s were split into groups, where they had the opportunity to speak to our Mishlachat, Israeli staff about the current issues in Israel. This was an insightful opportunity for the group and we were so impressed with the dialogue we heard.

Looking forward to another fantastic week ahead!

– Josh