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All About Archery!

You may have heard that this summer, we’ve added a new activity area into the mix- archery! Wanting to learn more about this new sport, I headed down to the sports field to check it out. Below, I’m explaining how the game works, and sharing some tips from some of our campers!

You’re probably wondering where our course is – it is set up on the back area of the sports field. There is a big target and behind that a large white sheet to catch any arrows and prevent them from going into the woods. On the ground, there is a line of bow racks, where campers store the bows when they are not in use. It is important that campers stay behind the line for safety purposes.

Here is an archery bow resting on a bow rack.

Here is an archery bow resting on a bow rack.

How to play: The goal of archery is to try and hit the middle of the target, or as close to it as possible. Sounds simple, but let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks!

According to our Archery Specialist – Louis Kotlyar, there are a few main things to keep in mind:

Tip #1: You need to keep your stance in mind. It is important to be aware of your body and how you are holding it. Also, you should always face forward and never turn around while your bow or arrow are in your hand, always use the bow rack.

Tip #2: Always wait for the instructor to give the all clear to go and collects arrows. Before arrows are collected, everyone’s bows need to be resting on the racks.

Here are the N2 girls picking up the arrows after getting the all clear.

Here are the N2 girls picking up the arrows after getting the all clear.

Tip #3: Always wait for the instructor to say that the range is clear and that you can shoot.

Tip #4: When setting up your bow, make sure that the orange feather points away from the bow. Pull back the bow so that your arm extends back to your shoulder, stand with your feet apart, bring your hand back to your ear, aim and shoot!

Below, our campers are sharing their thoughts and tips!

Zack from K1: “Stay focused and you’ll do well.”

photo (53)Hannah from L8: “It’s really fun! When you pull the string back, try and keep your fist  near your ear.”

Jessie from N2: “Try to aim your bow straight.”

Shelby from L8: “Aim your arrow a little bit up so that it goes in the right direction.”

Jacques from B1: “Sturdiness is key. Keep your arms straight.”

Anna from L2: “Remember to hold onto the string and not the arrow. Otherwise your arrow won’t go.”

Arielle from L4: “Keep your eye on the target!”