Blog  Shabbat Shalom From Camp George!

Shabbat Shalom From Camp George!

Dear Camp George families,

Hello from Maple Lake!

The first few days of camp have been outstanding! There has been so much ruach, lots of skill building and of course cabin bonding. Everyone had a great time celebrating Canada Day together and watching fireworks over Maple Lake. This afternoon, we also celebrated the Fourth of July at lunchtime! After months of waiting for our community to be together again, we are so excited to celebrate Shabbat together as a camp community on Maple Lake!

Here’s a sneak peek of what our units have been up to so far:

Nitzotzot – All of our Nitzotzot cabins had an amazing time on their Point Adventures! The Point Adventure is the adventure program for Nitzotzot. Cabins get to experience a cookout, a bonfire with marshmallows, singing and more! While the girls were on their adventure, the Nitzotzot boys had an awesome time at their secret agent themed evening program. Everyone had a blast at their superhero themed evening program, where they used their superpowers to complete an obstacle course.

Lehavot – The L1 and L3 boys had a great time on their Island Adventures! The Island Adventure is the adventure program for Lehavot. Cabins get to canoe to the camp island, have a cookout, go swimming and even camp out in tents! The rest of the unit is excited to follow in their footsteps next week. Everyone had a fantastic time at the Pokemon battle and Hungry Hungry Hippos evening programs.

Kochavim- Had so much fun doing a selfie scavenger hunt around camp, taking photos of the different tasks they had to complete. They are excited to see how the photos turn out. Another night, they traveled around the world in eighty minutes, as they learned about different cultures and countries around the world. They also have a new cheer for this summer: “K-O-C-H-A-V-I-M we’ll say it, we’ll scream it, we’ll cheer it again.” It is clear that they have lots of ruach!

Barak – The girls of B2 had a great time on their overnight in Killbear National Park, welcome back! Everyone loved playing stones together on the sports field and also watching camper created plays at the “play in a day” evening program. Barak is also leading Shabbat tonight, with the help of our Nitztozot campers.

C.I.T.’s – Bonded as a group on their overnight Gan Matan! After hiking over, the C.I.T.’s cooked dinner, went swimming, sang songs and camped out! This week they also did some group hiking and started mini work placements. They are excited to begin full day placements next week! We have already built an incredible community in just the first few days of camp.

Of course, our community would not be what it is without the leadership of our staff. Using the skills that they learned during staff training week, our staff have made first few days a special experience for both new and returning campers. resize In addition to helping our campers get to know each other through ice breakers and name games, our staff have helped all of our campers to get settled into camp by assisting them with unpacking and by creating cabin routines and rituals.

Our summer theme of “Yad b’yad (hand in hand)” is in full swing! The catchy song that goes along with it is already a camp favourite. Between Camp George 101 (for Nitzozot), T.A.G (Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chasadim, the Lehavot program), Olim (for Kochavim), Project Barak, or Hadracha (learning seminars) for our C.I.T.’s –  campers of all ages are already participating in dynamic informal Jewish education programs.

This past Tuesday night, Kochavim, Barak, C.I.T.’s and staff participated in a special “tekkes” or ceremony, honouring Naftali Frankel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. It was with extreme sadness that we shared the news with our older campers in camp, however, this was an important moment of community for us as well. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of the three boys and the state of Israel.

We are also thrilled to have our second double cabin in the new Junior Camper Village up and running! After months of watching the cabins being built, it is even more exciting to see the village in its completed state. To find out what else is new and exciting this summer, click here.

In looking ahead to next week, we are excited about Barak canoe trips, our second cycle of Chugim (skill based electives for Kochavim and Barak) and more Island Adventures.

Don’t forget that you can follow all the excitement happening here at Maple Lake! On Facebook, we link to every blog and video! On Twitter, we provide daily (excluding Shabbas) cabin and programmatic updates, including pictures and six-second Vine videos (played directly in Twitter). For a slideshow of photos from the week, click here!

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbat,

Jeff Rose, Director