Blog  A Word From Our Community-Wide Interns

A Word From Our Community-Wide Interns

For the third consecutive year, we are proud to be offering community-wide internship opportunities for our senior staff. Through this initiative, Camp George had teamed up with community organizations to offer two month internships for our senior level summer staff. This year, we have Barak Assistant Unit Head Rebekah Houpt interning at Rouge Valley Health System and Sail Specialist Robbie Marks interning at The Collective, a design and marketing firm based in Toronto. Here’s what our interns have been up to:


Dr. Gary Mann,  camp Medical Director and Rebekah.

Dr. Gary Mann, camp Medical Director and Rebekah.

Rebekah: “This May and June I have been spending my time at Rouge Valley Health System in Ajax shadowing Dr. Gary Mann (who is also our camp Medical Director) in the Emergency department. I get to observe patient exams as well as certain procedures, like suturing and reductions. Throughout each shift, Dr. Mann answers my questions pertaining to anything we’ve seen, things he’s diagnosed, and endless medical abbreviations that I have never heard of (PIP joint?! Proximal Interphalangeal joint, or the joints between the proximal phalanges and the intermediate phalanges of your fingers!). He is extraordinarily helpful in pointing out notable parts of X-rays, CT scans and bloodwork. Because I am only a medical observer there isn’t much that I can do to actually help patients, but I’ve gotten proficient in fetching charts, script pads and the portable ultrasound machine.

Despite my restrictions, I have learned an exuberant amount about the medical profession and the importance of friendly bedside manner. Dr. Mann is an incredible role model in that he is constantly demonstrating how to not only care for the physical needs of his patients, but also how to make a connection with them and let them know that you are looking out for their best interests. I can’t tell you how many patients come in, see Dr. Mann, and immediately start telling him what an incredible job he did with them, their parents or their children, the last time they were here. He has solidified for me that being a good doctor is about so much more than biology and pharmaceutical knowledge.

My experience observing the doctors and nurses dealing with sick people has also helped me to understand more of the inner workings of the Mirpa’ah (Infirmary) at Camp George. I will (hopefully) be able to better help staff identify the medical needs of their campers in order to insure a safe and happy summer. I have also been fortunate enough to work with some of the nurses that will be joining us at camp, and let me tell you, there is a top notch medical team coming our way! While I don’t recommend getting sick this summer (hats, water bottle, sunscreen!!!), we are in excellent hands!”

Robbie Marks

Robbie Marks

Robbie: “I am working as an Account Services/Media Intern with The Collective. On the Client Services side, I work on a team with two Account Supervisors and the Director of Client Services, Jamie DeRose. We take care of all our clients needs, from adjusting estimates to brainstorming future marketing ideas. On the other hand, I work with the Media Planning/Buying team and Executive VP, Geoff Seigel, to plan and buy media space for the marketing and advertising that the agency produces. One project that we have been working on recently is the SickKids Great Camp Adventure Walk. We are designing, creating and producing print ads, point of purchase (POP) displays, and radio/television commercials.

Being given the opportunity to work with The Collective, I have learned a lot about the entire marketing process, primarily the extensity of a marketing plan. When strategically developing a marketing plan, we take every aspect and detail into consideration to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. However, from my experience, I believe that effective communication is of utmost importance in this industry. The skills that I have learned from my experience at The Collective pose to be very transferable to my role at Camp George. Working on the Sail Docks, the attention to detail and preparation (rigging) of the sailboats along with effective communication between Sail Staff is crucial to ensure the safety and enjoyment of every camper.”