Blog  Introducing Our 2014 Cornerstone Fellows!

Introducing Our 2014 Cornerstone Fellows!

By: Michael Weiss,Assistant Education Director/Cornerstone Liaison

Camp George is extremely excited and proud to be participating in Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Cornerstone Fellowship for our 5th year. The Cornerstone Fellowship is a program in which young leaders from Jewish camps all across North America come together to share ideas and learn the skills needed to bring “magic” back to their camps. The goal is that the camp staff involved will become the “cornerstones” of creative, dynamic, engaging, and meaningful programming for their camp.

Our five Cornerstone fellows: Zoe, Alex, Jen, Ryan and Danielle, had an incredible time at the Cornerstone seminar at Capital Camps in Pennsylvania. As their liaison to the Fellowship, truly proud of what our fellows have been inspired to accomplish. Read on to here some of their ideas, what they’re looking forward to and more.

See you soon!

– Michael


Michael: How long have you been going to camp and what will your role be this summer?

Zoe: “This will be my 11th summer at camp and I will be a water ski specialist.”

Alex: “I’ve been going to camp for 9 summers and this will be my 10th. I am currently going to be senior sports specialist this summer. This will be my third summer as a sports specialist.”

Jen: “This summer will be my 10th summer and I will be a Nitzotzot counselor.”

Ryan: “This will be my 6th summer. On top of being a cornerstone fellow I will also be the head of sports.”

Danielle: “This will be my 15th summer at Camp George and I am looking forward to being a counselor again.”


Michael: What surprised you about the seminar?

Zoe:  “How open everyone was to talking to you about your camp as well as their own.”

Alex: “I was surprised to see so many camps with values that are so similar. It is great to know that there are many other camps with values as great as here at Camp George.”

Jen: “I was surprised with how similarly each camp runs. I was also surprise that even though they may be far away and not directly associated with each other the Jewish camping system has a unique formula that all Jewish camps follow to allow campers to enjoy that same experience where ever they go.”

Danielle: “I was surprised by all the great advice I was able to take away from what other camps did at their own camps. There were great ideas that I can bring back to George this year.”

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Michael: What was the coolest activity you participated in?

Zoe: “My specialty track was Teen Identity and I absolutely loved it. It made us dive into ourselves and really think about our own identities. In the end we were asked to write some poems, which seemed terrifying at first, but was super rewarding at the end.”

Alex: “Learning about how to make sport games by changing the rules to create a game that is less skill based and more teamwork and community based.”

Jen: “I participated in the theatre track for the week and it was very cool to see how my group’s educator was able to play and run many drama and theatre related games which were all extremely fun and interactive while at the same time including Jewish learning into the programs!”

Danielle: “I really enjoyed Dan Abramson’s art program.”


Michael: What was your biggest takeaway from the seminar?

Zoe: “That there is still so much to learn and so many different ways to connect to campers and other staff.”

Alex: “My biggest take away was learning how to integrate Judaism into fun programs that can be educational yet enjoyable.”

Jen: “My biggest takeaway from the seminar was learning about new and creative programming that other camps run and how we can bring them back to George this summer and give the campers new and exciting programs to look forward to!”

Ryan: “My biggest takeaway from the seminar is how to incorporate education into fun games that everyone can enjoy and learn from.”

Danielle: “I was able to learn some great techniques with incorporating Judaism into fun programs for teens.”