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Join Me At CG


Hi, I am Thea, I am 12 years old and I live in Toronto. This summer I will be in the unit Kochavim.

I have had lots of great moments at Camp George. I love bonding with my cabin mates and meeting people from lots of different places. I love Camp George because we get to try new things everyday!

At camp over the years, I have learned a lot about teamwork and compromising when we do things like cabin challenges. This summer I am really looking forward to see all my friends again and having fun!


I’m Celia, I am from Toronto and I am 12 years old. This summer I will be in oldest Kochavim. I have been going to Camp George for 4 years now and I have learned so many lessons and have had so many life changing experiences.

I have made so many new friends and I learn more and more everyday at camp about my Jewish identity. I really like the way that Judaism is taught through games and songs.

My favourite things about camp are seeing my friends, meeting new ones and facing fears. At camp you get pushed out of your comfort zone a lot, whether it’s trying a new food or zip lining one the ropes course. But your friends and counselors are always there to support you. This summer I am looking forward to reuniting with my Jewish identity and all of my friends.


Left to right: Thea, Celia and Miles.

Left to right: Thea, Celia and Miles

Hi I’m Miles, I am 14 and heading into oldest Barak.

This is my last year as a camper and because it is, I am now thinking about my past experiences at George.I have been at camp for 5 years and it has made my summer amazing many times.

Being in a house with 3 sisters and no brothers, is part of the reason I like camp so much. I get to make strong friendships with my cabinmates that will last a long time. The people in my cabin are like family to me, and that is something you will not get anywhere else.

I have developed many skills going to CG that come from my favourite activities. For example, after many years of water skiing I am now able to ski using only one ski (Slalom). On the ropes course, one of the most iconic things on camp, I have done things at great heights I would have never done before. This summer will be my last as a camper, so I hope to do everything I can, and ‘soak up the sun.’

Hope you come join me at CG, Miles.