Blog  Sharon and Jaimie’s CG Success Story

Sharon and Jaimie’s CG Success Story

By: 2014 C.I.T.’s Sharon and Jaimie


Sharon: “Camp has helped me build strong friendships. Being at camp teaches you to go outside of your comfort zone and socialize with people younger and older than you. One of my best friends is from camp. We became friends when we were in the same cabin.

At first we were both shy but I feel as though that is what brought us together. Now we can’t go a day without talking to each other. We have worked on this friendship for five years now and I feel as though she is just like a sister to me now. I can’t wait to spend all seven weeks of our CIT summer together because I know our friendship will grow even stronger.” 

Jaimie: “I learned how to make friendships that last a life time! My first time at camp which was 8 years ago, I met some of my best friends in the world! I love camp and can’t wait to go back!!”