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Camp George Goes To Soup-A-Palooza

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From left to right: Sarah Rosen, Beth Denaburg, Avram Musafija, me, Joanna Shnall and Lauren Viner.

A few weeks ago, I participated in an amazing community event called “Soup-A-Palooza” at Holy Blossom Temple. For only $5, young professionals were invited to make soup with a professional chef (from Conscious Kosher Catering) and have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other young professionals. The event was part of a larger initiative to get young professionals involved in Temple life and to create opportunities for them to network and make new connections.

In addition to getting to take some soup home, we also were able to give back to the community by donating the rest of the soup to Holy Blossom Temple’s “Out of The Cold” program, which provides once a week shelter and meals to those in need throughout the winter season. Soup was also donated to the “Bikur Cholim” committee which amoung other things, provides meals to those who are ill or homebound and their families. Although some of the soup making supplies were purchased, some of them were also donated by the Temple’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) partner, Shoresh, who Camp George has worked with to develop our Gan Matan garden!

To top off all of this, attending the event meant reconnecting and spending time with camp friends, which is always one of my favourite ways to spend time. It was amazing to see so many different connections come full circle. Having grown up at Holy Blossom Temple and gone to camp with some of the participants, it was great to spend time together and of course give back to our local community.

Below, you can hear more about the event from some of our camp alumni and faculty member Rabbi Jordan Helfman.

–         Looking forward to the next event already!

Jane HK


Rabbi Jordan Helfman: “I was amazed how many people came to give back to the needy and the sick in our community.  I loved experiencing the energy in the room and seeing people reunite with friends and make new acquaintances.  I hope we can build on this experience of young Jewish professionals having a good time together into a regular occurrence here at HBT.”

Avram Musafija: “I was contacted by Rabbi Helfman regarding a new initiative for young professionals at HBT, to help organized events and reinvigorate the interests of the 22-38 age group. I was interested to participate in this committee because of my history growing up at Temple. Being a member at Holy Blossom is what led my brothers and me to attend Camp George and to be more involved with the Jewish community. I saw my involvement as an opportunity to give back to the synagogue.

Soup-A-Palooza was the first event we put together and it had a great turnout. We hope to do more events like this in the future and hope to get more people involved.”

Sarah Rosen: “As young professionals, we’re also busy and don’t always have time to make dinner, see friends and give back, so we made an event where people could do all three! I think the event was a great idea and I received some really positive feedback from participants. Some even asked when the next event is! (Stay tuned for info coming soon!)” 

Beth Denaburg: “I was really glad to see to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture” veggies get put to good use and was happy to bridge the gap between the raw produce donations and feeding guests at Out of The Cold and those in need.”