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Jordan’s CG Success Story

By: Jordan, 2013 Barak Camper


I started coming to camp seven years ago. When I got on the bus for the first time I was a shy, scared, little girl but just three weeks later I came of the bus loud, confident and slightly upset because just two hours before I had left my favourite place on earth, camp.

Every year I meet so many amazing people that I could not imagine my life without, but this past summer specifically is one I will never forget. I usually go to camp for Second Session, but this summer I went for both sessions. I was worried about spending seven weeks away from home but right when I stepped onto the bus, I felt the warmth and friendliness from both new and old friends. Everyone was so welcoming; it got me excited for the seven weeks to come.

This summer I learned so many things. One thing I learned was that building bonds between people is a very important thing.  Since we are now going into our C.I.T. summer, we are now the leaders, so we don’t only need to make bonds with our age group, we also need to make bonds with the campers younger than us as well as with staff, in order to get the full camp experience.

The bonds that we as teenage girls have with each other is also important, it is unbreakable!  I personally cannot go a full week without seeing my girls because of how close we are with each other.  Being at camp full summer, made me realize that people have these astonishing bonds with not only with people but with places too and Camp George is one of the places that anyone who comes in cannot leave without a smile.  This is why my experience with creating bonds and friendships is my CG success story.

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