Blog  Judy and David: The Camp Connection!

Judy and David: The Camp Connection!

By: David Gershon

Judy and I — along with dozens of great performers — are busy getting ready for our “Chanukah Live” shows! (See below for all in the info!) As this will be the 13th year of Toronto’s biggest family Chanukah show, some reflection is in order. And, believe it or not, a huge part of how we got here is because of URJ camping.


URJ Camp George is our official sponsor of Chanukah Live. A portion of the funds from the concerts goes to support camper scholarships. But long before Chanukah Live existed, URJ Camping was setting the wheels in motion for our career and our music. It was at a URJ camp (OSRUI) that I learned how much fun Jewish life and culture could be. It was at a URJ camp that I discovered how much I loved getting people to sing together — and children’s music became my professional outlet for that love.

Now Judy and I feel so blessed to be a part of Camp George summers. Not only do we send out kids to Camp George, but for two wonderful weeks a year, usually during Second Session , we get to share music, learning, stories, and fun with the camp community when we come up as faculty members.

So please join us for Chanukah Live… and, more importantly, keep spreading the word about URJ Camp George! Who knows what discoveries your kids will find there and what journeys they will inspire.


Here’s all the concert information!

November 24th we will be performing in Toronto at the PJ Library Launch Event.

December 1st we will be performing in Thornhill at the City Playhouse.

To order tickets to Chanukah Live visit We hope to see you there!


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