Blog  Camp George Plays The Spirit Games!

Camp George Plays The Spirit Games!

This past summer, the Second Session Maccabiah theme was “Spirit Games!” Combining ideas from the “Hunger Games” series with ancient Israeli cities, Coordinators Rachel Kreuter (counselor) and Sam Bader (Ski specialist) led CG through an amazing Maccabiah experience!

The world of this Maccabiah took place in a continent called “Georgeosphere.” Within this continent, only the capital city of Jerusalem and four outlying districts (which also served as the four teams,) existed.


The story? Years ago, Jerusalem was overtaken by evil dictators and renamed “The Capitol.” Each year The Capitol hosts Olympic style games called “The Spirit Games.” Katniss and Peeta played by Rachel and Sam dislike the games and want to reclaim The Capitol for all people.

The teams?

District 3- Tiberius. This team is made up of farmers and known for their determination or “Machelkel Chaim” (to sustain the living.)

District 7- Yane. This team is made up of scientists and known for their intellect or “somech noflim” (to uplift the fallen.)

District 10- Jaffa. This team is made up of adventurers and known for their bravery or “mateer asurim” (to free or redeem the captive.)

District 6- Tzfat. This team is made up of healers and known for their compassion or “rofeh cholim” (to heal the sick.)

The task? Each team sets out to win the Spirit Games so that they can be the ones to reclaim The Capitol!

In the morning, teams showed off their skills and ruach (spirit) in a series of challenges and games. The day began with tug-o-war, followed by The Spirit Games relay. Then there came a plot twist!!


Katniss and Peeta announced that the teams would no longer be fighting against each other but that they would be working together to overcome The Capitol and reclaim Jerusalem!

In the afternoon, teams strengthened their skills through playing in basketball tournaments, creating team songs and dances and more!

After dinner the team songs, dances and art projects were presented. To close the events, the entire camp headed to the sports field, where a battle between districts C.I.T.’s played out. The winner? District 10 – Jaffa! Of course, we were so proud of all our teams!

Here’s a word from our Coordinators:

Rachel and Sam: “We wanted to come up with a theme that would excite the campers and inspire everyone to get involved in Maccabiah. The Spirit Games was an exciting and intriguing theme and we were so excited throughout the entire planning process. It turned out incredible well and it was a fun experience for everyone! Being coordinators definitely strengthened our skills as leaders.”

For an inside look at the events, click here to watch our Maccabiah video. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Maccabiah next summer!

–          Jane HK


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