Blog  Lessons I Learned As A C.I.T.

Lessons I Learned As A C.I.T.

This past summer, the C.I.T.’s were asked to reflect on their first week of camp in a journal entry. I recently asked a few C.I.T.’s to reflect on their entries, now that the summer has passed. Today, Alexandra is sharing her journal entry as well as her reflection on what she has learned since the first week of camp, what she’s looking forward to about next summer and more.

–          Thanking Alexandra for sharing this with us,

Jane HK


Alexandra’s journal entry:

“This past week I have learned to trust the group of C.I.T.’s with team building activities and group talks. I have also learned new skills that I am excited to use once we get to go into the cabins!

I am excited to continue to become better friends with people in the group and to continue my friendships. I am nervous and excited to get into the cabins. Nervous, because it is a new thing and excited because I will hopefully impact a kid’s summer for the good.”  

Alexandra (right) with fellow C.I.T. Ali.

Alexandra (right) with fellow C.I.T. Ali.

Alexandra’s reflection:

After spending 8 summers at camp George as a camper, I can honestly say that my C.I.T. summer has topped off my camper years with a bang. This past summer allowed me to take so many risks, whether it was cliff jumping during the C.I.T. white water rafting trip, having the opportunity to be a Macabbiah Captain, or getting my first cabin placement with the L4 girls.

I also learned to trust my fellow C.I.T.’s. The people I met or got to know better this summer are truly wonderful. They are all so kind and the best bunch of CIT’s and staff you could ask for; I know I can always count on them when I need a friend.

 Looking back on my entry that I wrote on the first week of camp in July, the first thing I think of is how I wish it was only the first week of C.I.T. summer right now. I would tell myself not to take a moment for granted and realize how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to spend my summer at Camp George! When I wrote this entry it was only the first week of camp, and I had yet to be been placed in a cabin or specialty area. Now that I have gone though that experience, the group chats we had as a unit with Mark, C.I.T. Director and Michael, Assistant Unit Head and the other C.I.T. staff and all the faculty were very useful.

I learned how to deal with difficult situations like home sick campers, run spontaneous programming, how to run an evening program and more! I am excited to put these skills to good use next year as staff. I am so looking forward to returning to Camp George as staff next year! I am excited to positively impact my camper’s summer experience like all my staff did for me. I am no longer a camper and therefore will be trusted with more responsibility, but I am excited and ready for the challenge!”