Blog  CG 101 Prayer Pirates: The Hunt For The Lost Siddur of Amram Gaon

CG 101 Prayer Pirates: The Hunt For The Lost Siddur of Amram Gaon

As part of CG101 (the education program for Nitzotzot) this past summer, our Jewish Living Specialist Michael Weiss ran a fantastic program, called “Prayer Pirates.” Working in cabin groups, each cabin rotated through different stations where they had to complete a task before getting their next clue. With the help of some faculty pirates, everyone (including me!) had a blast at this pirate themed scavenger hunt. Below, I’m sharing an inside look at the program and a word from Michael.

–       Always amazed by the creativity of camp programming.

Jane HK


The Program Break

Michael told the campers that he had discovered a map to reach the hidden treasure of Amram Gaon, a great teacher who wrote the first Jewish prayer book over 1000 years ago! No one had found a copy of the book before, but the map said that it might lie somewhere in Camp George!  He told them “prayer is an important treasure that we sometimes take for granted, so by following the clues and learning about each prayer, campers will be lead to the siddur. Take ye clues and set sail!”

image (15)Of course, each task/ clue was written in a fun pirate themed way, such as this one (below) which taught campers about Shalom Rav and required them to shake hands with ten people, not in their cabin and say “Shalom” to them. How fun! Even more fun when you try and say it in a pirate voice!

 “We sing Shalom Rav ‘cause every time we pray, we ask God t’ bring peace to th’ seven seas. We can each bring peace by sharin’ a smile ‘an a kind word to others.  Each camper must find ‘n shake th’ hands ‘o 10 people who aren’t in ye cabin while saying “Shalom” to them.” 

After completing all the stations, cabins had to put together the puzzle, revealing the clue to dig up the treasure at the volleyball court. Cabin groups then headed to the Volleyball court where they had to create an acrostic poem of the word “T’fillah” before digging up their treasure, lollipops for everyone!

A word from Michael:

Prayer Pirates was one of my favorite programs of the summer, as I’m willing to take advantage of any opportunity to wear an eye patch! Aside from that, campers had a great time running around camp, while learning the names and meanings of the prayers in the prayer book. On a deeper level, prayer is a search for something beyond ourselves and the siddur (prayer book) serves as our treasure map.”