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Taste of George 2013

For the past six years, we have welcomed “campers” in Grades 3, 4 and 5 for an experience known as the “Taste of George.” Representatives of our summer staff work in partnership with our full time staff to plan a 24-hour experience that showcases the key elements of the Camp George experience.

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This year, the event was shaped by inspiration from the story of the Tower of Babel, the weekly Torah portion. In the story, the people of the earth are scattered around the world so that they would learn different languages and customs. So, our campers were “scattered” around camp, split into team colours, completing different tasks (activities) to build teamwork and of course have fun. Once each activity was completed, each group collected a puzzle piece. At our Havdalah moment at the end of the day, the puzzle pieces were put together and guess what? They formed a giant rainbow, showing that even though we are all different, our differences are celebrated at CG to build our amazing community.

For a full insiders look into our seventh annual “Taste of George” program, check out my overview below. And be sure to register for camp using our NEW online system!

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Arriving At Camp 
Excitement filled the air as our campers arrived at camp! Upon arrival, campers were divided into their cabin groups and headed to their cabins to unpack and dress warmly for our evening activities.

The newly formed cabin groups were a great mix of new campers and returning campers- allowing for the returning campers to show the new campers some of our camp systems. It’s always amazing to hear our returning campers sharing their love and knowledge of camp with our new campers.

The Shabbat Experience
We couldn’t wait to share the magic of a camp Shabbat ! As we do in the summer, campers enjoyed a delicious dinner, complete with Shabbas brownies. Yum!


On Saturday morning, we joined together for a Shabbat service, led by alumnus Josh Nezon, who led us in prayer and singing, giving our campers a true CG Shabbat experience to remember! Josh also led an activity based on the Tower of Babel story. Campers had to work together to build their own tower using toothpicks and marshmallows (how fun!) and each “round” had different challenges, like trying to build the tower without speaking. Everyone demonstrated great teamwork and ruach (spirit)!

“Camp Style” Activities 
No Shabbat experience at camp would be complete without a campfire! Our staff led campers in classic camp songs like, “Baby Shark” and “Fudgie the Whale!” After the campfire, everyone headed up to his or her cabins to get ready for bed, and each cabin enjoyed a lights out program created by our counselors and parent chaperones.

On Saturday, our campers got a taste of the types of activities typical to a day at camp. Our campers were divided into six different groups, organized by colour (we even taught them the Hebrew words for their team colours.) Red/ Adom, Orange/ Katom, Yellow/ Tzahov, Green/ Yarok, Blue/ Kakhol and Purple/ Sagol.  that rotated through activity areas – much like how our summer campers travel together in cabin groups.

The different activities that our campers participated in include:

Low Ropes: Campers had a blast building teamwork and trying out the Low Ropes elements. There’s nothing like trying to fit your whole team on a small platform to bond a group together!


Camp Craft: Campers were given the special task of building a shelter to protect their pet orange. They were given supplies such as logs and rope and then they had to work together to build the best shelter they could! Afterwards, campers enjoyed delicious celebratory hot chocolate, made right on the campfire.

Field Games: Campers had an awesome time playing games like “Soccer-Baseball”, “Soldier” and “Spud.”

Arts and Crafts: Campers designed their own picture frames that were completed with a Taste of George group photo inside! What a great way to bring a taste of camp home!

Taste of Israel: We were lucky to have four Shinshinim (Israeli staff) come for this event! The Shinshinim played lots of Israeli games with our campers and taught them about the different cities of Israel.

Basketball: There’s nothing like a good old game of Basketball! Teams had a great time out on the CG court.

All in all, our seventh Taste of George was an awesome event and we can’t wait to host it again next year!