Blog  Learning New Skills As A Songleader and Musician At Nashir

Learning New Skills As A Songleader and Musician At Nashir

This past summer, we nominated Sonja, a Barak camper, to participate in “Nashir” a songleading training camp that took place at the end of the summer. After seeing Sonja’s passion for songleading and talent for writing her own songs, including one which she wrote and recored at camp, we knew she would be perfect for this program.

In today’s blog I’m interviewing Sonja about her experience at Nashir and about the process of writing her song “When The War Is Over.” To here Sonja’s song, click here.


Yasher Koach Sonja!

– Jane HK

How did you feel when you found out you were nominated for this program?

Sonja: “When I found out about the program I thought it sounded interesting and I was really excited to participate.”

What did you do at the program?

Sonja: “Throughout the program, I learned how to teach other people songs and be more confidant in my teaching skills.”

What was the best program you attended at Nashir? Why?

Sonja: “The best program I attended at Nashir was how to lead a tot Shabbat. This was the best program for me because I like working with younger kids.”

Most important lesson/ skill you learned?

Sonja: “I learned different ways to teach songs.”

Most important piece of advice you would give to campers/ staff looking to learn/improve their songleading skills?

Sonja: “The most important piece of advice that I would give to campers/staff who want to songlead is that you have to teach with confidence and be enthusiastic about it.”

Sonja performing her song at camp.

Sonja performing her song at camp.

What was it like to meet and work with specialists/campers from other camps?

Sonja: “It was really fun working with specialists/campers from other camps because they were all so excited to be there and songlead I met a lot of new talented people.”

Where did the idea to write “When The War Is Over” come from?

Sonja: “I was inspired by what I’ve learned about World War Two and the Holocaust.”

We love the Hebrew lyrics in the song! Did anyone help you with that part?

Sonja: “Yes, my counselor Yoni, one of the Mishlachat, helped me with translating my English lyrics into Hebrew.”

How did you record it?

Sonja: “Dr. Saslove (camp doctor), helped me to record it at camp and was an awesome experience!”

What did it mean to you to share it with the camp community?

Sonja: “Sharing it with the camp community was very special because I don’t usually share my songs with large groups of people.”

Are you still writing songs? Any tips for other people trying to write songs?

Sonja: “I am still writing songs and to anyone else trying to write a song, find something that inspires you and listen to musicians that inspire you.”