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Jack’s 10 Favourite Things About Camp

This past summer I held a chug called “Blogging with Jane” where I invited campers to come and share their thoughts on camp, talk about skill they’d learned and friendships they had created. Below, you’ll hear from Jack, a 2013 Kochavim camper who is sharing his ten favourite things about camp!

– Thanks for sharing this with us Jack, see you next summer!

Jane HK




Hi I’m Jack and this is my fourth summer at Camp George!

Today I will be talking to you about my favourite things at camp.

There are so many exciting things at camp!

Here are my top ten favourite things about camp!

10. Cabin bonding time.

9. Camp Craft cooking, I like making pita and recipes with fruit.

8. Going Sailing.

7. Playing baseball with my friends.

6. Eating. Some of my favourite camp foods are: two sauce pasta and garlic bread.

5. Kneeboarding, it’s awesome to go across the lake like that.

4. Going on boat rides.

3. Making new friends.

2. Banana boating!

1. Being in this place! Getting to see the lake and the forest that I can’t see at home.

Can’t wait to be here for the whole summer this year!

– Jack