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CG Acrostic Poem

During changeover (the day between our First and Second sessions) our remaining community, members made up of full season campers and staff, gathered together for a morning T’fillah. For the Ashrei, everyone divided into groups and was given the following reading/ instructions:

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“This psalm – which starts “Happy Are those who dwell in your house, they will shout your praises forever!” is really an acrostic poem. Each line begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The lines describe ways that we can show praise and thanks to God.

On the back of this sheet write an acrostic of words or phrases or things you are grateful for here at camp (in English.)”

Each group was given part of the alphabet and together this is what they came up with!

Well done everyone!

–         Jane HK

  A – Amazing adventures

B- BFFS (Best Friends Forever)

C-Collaborating in the Beit T’fillah

D-Dips in the lake

E-Energetic staff

F-Food+ Fun

G- Growing

H- High Ropes

I- Identity that camp has given us

J- (Being) Jewish

K- Knowing there is a place where you belong

L- Life lessons

M-Making friends

N-No homework

O-Our camp family

P-Playing with friends

Q-Quiet Time


S- Ski

T- Tuck

U- Unique experiences

V-Very good activities

W-Well cooked food

X-Extreme amounts of fun

Y- You always have friends