Blog  B4 Leads The Community In Prayer and Poetry

B4 Leads The Community In Prayer and Poetry

Every Tuesday night, our community participates in “Choose Your Own T’fillah,” where campers and staff get to choose from a variety of creative, “out of the box” service options. This past week, the girls of B4 and their staff decided to run a service based on poetry. In addition to singing the prayers (and even playing guitar) some of the girls prepared poems and readings to go along with the prayers. This service ended up being one of the most popular of the evening and the girls did a fantastic job! You can check out their readings below!

Yasher Koach B4!

–          Jane HK



Haven: “Our group t’fillah is about finding the personal meaning of each prayer. Everyone interprets the poetry of these prayers in different ways. We want you to think about one word each prayer reminds you of.”

Sydney and Chaya: “Have you ever wondered how to start a prayer or how to have “the big guy” listen from all the way up there? Do you start b saying hi? Hey, what’s up? How do you do? But what if he’s too busy? Then what do we do? Do we send a Facebook message? Give a call? Send a text?

And still after all that, how do you know what’s next? But then we figured it out. Though it took a lot of thinking, all you need is a simple prayer because Hashem is always listening.”


Sally and Emily: “Our favourite poems are written by Dr. Seuss. When we read them, they open up our minds to all sorts of ideas. The Barchu opens the service just like a poem opens up our minds.”


Zoe: “Shema in English translates to “Hear O’ Israel”, the lord is our God, the lord is one.”

Audrey: “To me, it’s about how we only pray to one God.”

Maya: “Shema means listen. The prayer is about hearing and uniting as a group.”  

Mi Chamocha

Shelby: “The Mi Chamocha is a prayer about freedom.”

Danielle: “In today’s society, people don’t always appreciate the freedom they have.”  

Shelby: “It is very important not to take our freedom for granted.”

Mourners Kadish

Claudia and Ellen: “Everybody has a life. And because it is so common, we forget how truly precious it is until it’s been taken away.

The Mourners Kadish glorifies and thanks God for each life that has touched our hearts. If you are remembering a loved one now, we stand with you in support for both you and them.”  


Jacquie and Mudpie: “As our service comes to an end, we reflect on all the amazing moments that you’ve shared with someone this summer.

Every summer is not its own poem, but instead a single stanza. When we go home we endure the long pause between the paragraphs but then we return (to camp) to continue our poem.” 


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