Blog  Strengthening Friendships On Maple Lake

Strengthening Friendships On Maple Lake


This is Lauren and Sarah from B4. We’ve been friends for six years! We met at a summer day camp in Toronto when we were seven years old. We quickly became good friends and kept in touch during the school year. Two years later, Sarah decided she wanted to try sleep away camp and came to Camp George.

We remained close friends and I (Sarah) was constantly telling Lauren about all the fun times I was having at camp. This year, Lauren decided to join me at Camp George for all the fun activities and for the welcoming community here at camp.

Now we’re in the same cabin and we’re having an amazing time! My (Sarah) favourite part of camp is spending time with all of her friends and my (Lauren) favourite part is Ziplining and Banana Boating. We are so happy to be at camp together and to be getting even closer because of the experience.

And now we’re off to go swimming. See you later!

Lauren and Sarah


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