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Building Awareness On Maple Lake

Last Wednesday, as breakfast was ending, a Kochavim cabin (K4) came into the middle of the Chadar Ochel to make an announcement. The K4 girls and their staff announced that each Wednesday, they would be wearing pink to support and raise awareness for breast cancer. Their hope was that each week other cabins would join in to further awareness around camp and across the units.

Yesterday was the second Wednesday that the K4 girls wore pink and it was clear that it was beginning to catch on throughout the Kochavim unit. Wanting to get the inside scoop on this amazing cabin initiative, I caught up with the cabin at snack time yesterday morning. Read on, to hear more about how K4 came up with this idea and their thoughts on why it is an important cause.

–          Can’t wait til the next “pink Wednesday!”

Jane HK

On how this idea began:

Counselors Jenni Saslove and Danielle Freedland: “The idea to just wear the colour pink, came from the movie “Mean Girls,” where every Wednesday some of the characters in the movie where pink. So we thought that could be a fun cabin thing to do, but then we thought, why not use the theme of pink as an opportunity to raise awareness about breast cancer. Since pink is the official colour linked to breast cancer awareness, it was a perfect fit. We are really excited about this initiative because it gives our girls a reason to be motivated to think of other people and to do Tikun Olam (repairing the world.)”

Amanda: “At first this was just about wearing pink, but then when we thought about it, we wanted to put it to a good cause.”



On why this is an important cause and why it’s something they enjoy participating in:

Vivian: “I like wearing pink because I believe your impact on the world makes you who you are, so when you do something good, it makes you a good person.”

Aliyah: “I think it makes people think about how little things make a big difference. It makes you feel like you’re more than yourself when you do good deeds.”

Jackie: “Even though I only am doing a little I feel like I’m doing a lot.”

Rebecca: “I feel like when it’s camp you don’t really think about serious things because it’s all fun, but this stated out as a small idea and it’s turned into something bigger.”

“A lot of people go through this (or someone they know does) and even a small cabin can show support, that they care and that no one’s alone.”

Maya: “I think we do this because if we raise awareness someone might think this is a great cause and do something big from our small idea to spread awareness.”

Sarah G: “It’s exciting because, at first it was only our cabin and now lots of Kochavim is doing it.”



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