Blog  This Summer I Can’t Wait To…

This Summer I Can’t Wait To…

This past Sunday we were SO excited to finally welcome our campers to camp! Since the buses arrived, camp has been filled with excited and ruach (spirit) has filled the air! I spoke to a few of our campers to find out what they’re most excited to do this summer; you can read their responses below.

Look forward to sharing many more blogs with you this summer!

–         Jane HK


This summer I can’t wait to…

Eve from K2: “Do Chugim (choice periods) and be in the play because I love acting.”

Alesh from L2: “Go to Ropes and go on the zip line!”


Elijah from N3: “Go water skiing on the rope.”

Erika from L4: “Go on my Island Adventure tomorrow!”

Jordan from N1: “Go to Ropes and go swimming.”

Sarah from B4: “Try wakeboarding!”

Josh from K3: “Go on the Ropes course.”

Shoshanna from N4: “Go swimming!”

C.I.T. Naomi: “Help to plan Maccabiah with the C.I.T. unit Second Session!”

Nathan from N1: “Go to Paddlesports.”

Emma from L6: “Make things at Pottery.” 


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