Blog  Teaching, Learning and Skill Building In Our Staff Training Program

Teaching, Learning and Skill Building In Our Staff Training Program

By: Karen Kollins, Associate Director

Karen Kollins

Karen Kollins

Each year during our off season, we spend countless hours visioning and planning for our summer staff week training program. Working on staff training is always exciting because we know that what we teach enables our staff to be amazing leaders and educators for our campers .  This past week, I was proud to see another amazing staff week come together. Watching our staff bond as a staff community, getting to meet staff who I had spent months emailing, calling and even Skyping with, and teaching our staff new skills and strategies was truly a pleasure. Here are just a few highlights of some of the things our staff focused on during their training:

–          Growth Goals: As Jeff mentioned in his Shabbat email on Friday, new for this summer, our staff focused on setting what we call “growth goals.” When each of our staff  members were hired, we asked them to submit a personal goal that they would like to achieve this summer. We have used this idea of goal setting to help our staff strategize ways to help their campers set and achieve goals of their own this summer, whether that means learning to ride a bike or participating in a canoe trip.

–          The Mission of Camp: We also spent time learning about our camp mission (insert link) and discussing the importance of our Camp George values. We asked our staff to really think about what why families choose OUR camp and what it means to work at a Reform Jewish summer camp. We were thrilled to hear and discuss their responses!

–          The needs of campers: Our staff learned about the individual needs, both physical and emotional, of our campers. They achieved this through the leadership of their Rosh Edah (Unit Head), from members of our Camper Care Team, and through professional workshops they participated in. This year we had the pleasure of working with True to Life Training, a corporate training company that uses professional actors to help simulate real ‘camp’ situations. Additionally, we welcomed JFCS (Jewish Family and Child Services) who helped us better understand the needs of our camper and our responsibility to them.

–          First Aid Skills: Working with our Medical staff and an outside training company, our staff learned everything from CPR, first aid, universal precautions, and how the Mirpa’ah (Infirmary) operates.

–          Specialist training and preparation: Our camp specialists worked with their department heads to plan skill building activities for every age group! We can’t wait to see our campers learning new skills at each and every area at camp!

Looking forward to getting to know our campers!

–          KK


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