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Hadaya At Camp George

By: Head Specialist of the Arts and Rosh T’fillah Shanna Zell

Hi Camp George,

Shanna Zell

Shanna Zell

I recently returned from spending 11 months in Israel, where I was studying at H.U.C. Hebrew Union College) as a part of their cantorial training program. While I was there, I discovered a really cool and meaningful tradition through Hadaya, a jewelry store in Jerusalem’s old city. As a part of our Hanhallah (senior staff leadership) training, I shared a new tradition with our Hanhallah team and now I’m excited to be giving you an inside look into this!

People from around the world come to Hadaya to buy different types of jewelry that they engrave with special Hebrew messages.

This piece of jewelry, serves as a reminder of their time in Israel, commitment to Judaism and pledge to being a good person. I wanted to share this idea with the Hanhallah, so I came up with an activity based on this concept. This was also related to the Torah portion of the week, Parsha Balak, which talks about the idea of turning a curse into a blessing. Here’s how it worked:

I gave out a list of many different quotes (provided by the Hadaya website) for the Hanhallah to look at. Once everyone had decided on a quote I (along with other Hebrew speaking staff members) helped to write each person’s saying on a plastic wristband for them. Now, whenever they look down at their wrists, they will think of their quotes and the values that go along with it.

Seth Freedland (left) and Jeff Rose

Seth Freedland (left) and Jeff Rose

Below are just a few examples of the quotes which some of our Hanhallah members chose.

Look forward to sharing more traditions with you throughout the summer!

–          Shanna


Communications Director Jane HK: “Follow your heart and you will go far.”

Conference Coordinator and Head Specialist Julia Guest:  “Yesterday is history tomorrow s a mystery today is a gift.”

C.I.T. Director Mark Gutman: “Lead by example.”

Barak Unit Head Joanna Shnall: “Whatever will be I will make a difference I will fulfill my dreams.”

Joanna Shnall

Joanna Shnall

Food, Facilities and Logistics Coordinator Kyle Herman: “This too shall pass.”

Kochavim Unit Head Darren Laser: “When the waves become stronger, the stronger people will prevail.”

Head of the Arts Rotem Keshet: “All you need is love.”

 A quote from Athletics Director Leor Mann about the significance of the bracelets: “Every time you look down at your bracelet, you’ll be able to see blessing. When you think you’ll let out a “curse”, just look at your bracelet and turn it into a blessing.  These bracelets unite us all as a group of blessings because these unite us as a team.” 


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