Blog  Skill Building and Safety on the Waterfront

Skill Building and Safety on the Waterfront

Hey Camp George!

I’m Julia Guest, or as most people call me, Jules!

Julia Guest

Julia Guest

During the off season, I work as the Conference Coordinator, hosting retreats up at camp. This summer, I am excited to be returning as Head Specialist, supervising our Roshei Anaf (Department Specialists). As well, I will also be directly supervising all of our Waterfront areas.

We are lucky at Camp George to be surrounded by beautiful Male Lake where we get to spend those hot summer days! Each waterfront area is full of fun activities that teach our campers many new skills and focus on waterfront safety.

I’ll start off by telling you a little bit about Swim. At the beginning of each session, our campers complete a Swim evaluation to ensure that every camper feels comfortable in the lake. Campers start by putting on a life jacket over top of their clothes (and bathing suit). From there, campers do a front roll in the water – which is basically a somersault. (Just bend forwards, grab your ankles, and flip in! It’s a very fun way to get in the lake!) Campers will swim in a straight line following the dock, and once they get to the end of the dock, they take off their life jacket and their wet clothes and hand them off to a Swim staff (who are all Lifeguards) on the dock.

Campers will then swim 3 boxes (the area between our docks is a rectangle).  Finally, campers will tread water for three minutes to finish the test. After completing the test, campers will receive a bracelet; different colours indicate whether or not they completed the test, or they need to try it again. Campers can keep trying as many times as they need!


At Swim, we teach our campers Red Cross swimming levels and our hope is that campers staying a full session will have enough time to complete their levels. Either way, it’s a great way for all of our campers to keep up their swimming skills, so that during the year they can get right back into swimming lessons at home!

Luckily for us, our campers have many other opportunities to get into the water. Across our other Waterfront areas, campers put the skills that they learn at Swim, such as being comfortable in the lake, to use! At Ski, campers get a chance to learn waterskiing, wakeboarding and slalom skiing. Our staff use different teaching tools such as the boom (the pole on the side of the boat that is a teaching tool for beginners), to help campers learn the basics before they are ready to ski or wakeboard on the rope that’s attached to the back of the boat. At Sail and Paddle Sports, campers learn boat safety knowledge while cruising across Maple Lake.

New for this summer, we’ve begun phasing in new docks, purchased new life jackets and even Paddle Boards!

Can’t wait to see everyone at camp soon!

–         Jules


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