Blog  Working with Our Rashei Edah to Get Ready for Camp

Working with Our Rashei Edah to Get Ready for Camp

Hello Camp George Families!

Karen Kollins – Associate Director, or as I’m known up Maple Lake, KK, is here!

Karen Kollins

Karen Kollins

As I write I’m busy thinking about what to pack in my duffels for my move to camp in just a few days time, I’m not sure who’s more excited,  me or you?!

In addition to speaking to parents, helping manage things in the camp office, visiting new families around the region, and hiring staff, one of my biggest and more rewarding responsibilities of my job is supervising our Rashei Edah (our Unit Heads). Our Unit Heads are an integral part of our camp’s leadership team. Their job is to supervise our counselors who work directly on the front lines with our campers.

Supervision is one of the hardest and most challenging aspects of our leadership staff’s job. One of the many reasons I love camp is because it provides our staff with opportunities to supervise long before they may have a similar opportunity in the professional world outside of camp. We teach that the focus of supervision is about coaching and guiding. Camp is just as much a learning experience for our staff as it is for our campers. We hire amazing staff – they are nurturing, experienced working with children, passionate about skill building, etc.  But like all of us, they are seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and try new things.

The work of our Unit Heads begins long before our campers get to camp. Throughout the Winter and Spring we work together to set goals for professional growth and develop a vision for what each camper unit will aspire to achieve. Our Unit Heads think about what they want for their campers, their staff, and for the unit as a whole. Together we develop a plan for how each of things will be accomplished. Once at camp, the Unit Heads spend a great deal of time with the staff in their unit sharing their vision, their expectations, and helping each staff member set personal goals for themselves.  When the campers arrive all of this training is put into action!

I’m thrilled to be working with an amazing team of Unit Heads this year. Lior Olinik(Nitzotzot), Erin Dessau(Lehavot), Darren Laser(Kochavim), Joanna Shnall(Barak), and Mark Gutman (CIT) who each have fabulous things planned.

I am thrilled as always that such capable and strong supervisors are helping to lead the Camp George experience for our staff and campers!!

I look forward to sharing more with you in the future about the lessons learned during staff week and all we have accomplished!

Wishing us all a sunny summer ahead….



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