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Building the Bonds of Brotherhood

Hey Camp George!

I wanted to share an inside look at friendship building at camp, so I reached out to three of our 2013 C.I.T.’s, Ryan, Jared and Evan. Read on to hear about how they became friends, what they admire about each other and more!

– Can’t wait to see new friendships form in summer 2013!

Jane HK


How long have you been going to camp for?

Ryan: Last year 2012) was actually my first year at George.

Jared: This summer will be my 5th summer at camp.

Evan: Since youngest Barak, so this will be my 3rd year going to camp

How long have you known each other/ how did you become friends?

Ryan: Jared and I met in S.K. at our local elementary school and Evan and I met last year at camp. Jared and I were friends right away because we had so much in common, (i.e. Music taste, love for sports etc.) and the same applies to Evan. Our similar personalities made easy for us to hit it off right away

Jared: I have known Ryan since Senior Kindergarten, while I’ve only known Evan since we met at camp in 2011. Ryan and I have always been close friends. It took time for Evan I too become close because of our contrasting personalities, however as we started to see each other in the city we became closer and closer. When we returned to camp in 2012, Evan and I had become great friends.

Evan: I’ve known Jared since youngest Barak and I don’t really know how we became friends. Playing basketball was a big factor, because it gave us something in common. I just met Ryan last year and we became friends very quickly.

Ryan (left) and Evan (right) at camp, summer 2012.

Ryan (left) and Evan (right) at camp, summer 2012.

How has camp impacted your friendship?

Ryan: The people that I’ve met at camp I consider some of my best friends.

Jared: Camp has allowed me to get even closer with Ryan and Evan. By living with and spending my summer with these two, we have gotten to know each other on an amazing level.

Evan: Camp is where I met everyone and it just so happens that we are all just friends anyways. Lot of people have friends that they hang out with at school, and home then they have their camp friends in a separate category. There aren’t any lines like that in our cabin. Most of us see each other on a regular basis, so camp is just a way for us to see each other even more.

What’s a favorite camp memory you have of all of you together?

Ryan: The one memory that stands out is our first cabin canoe trip. I have always been an avid canoe tripper and naturalist, so I was really excited to go on a canoe trip with new people I didn’t know. I have a common ritual that as soon as I start paddling I begin to sing to take my mind off the strains of rowing. Evan loved the tradition and he immediately joined in. We sang over 50 songs!

Can you think of a situation where you helped each other out?

Ryan: When I first came to George, I was very excited to meet new people, but I was also a little nervous. Jared and Evan made it so easy for me to make friends by introducing me to people they felt I had common ground with.

How has growing up in a Jewish camp setting influenced you/ your friendship?

Ryan: I personally didn’t grow up in a Jewish camp setting because George was the first Jewish camp I’ve been to. But even this year I feel that I have become more spiritual and more in tune with my faith and a large part of it was due to George.

Jared: Growing up in a Jewish camp has allowed us to share many of the same values and morals, while creating interesting topics for discussion such as our opinions on different social and world issues.

Evan: Jewish camp impacts your values in life, with friends, how you act etc. I think learning what’s right and wrong from a religious aspect can change previous opinions you have of people and shape friendships.

What did being at camp together/ being in the same cabin teach you about friendship? / How was your experience being friends and cabin mates together?

Jared: Being in a cabin together taught us that no matter what, you and your cabin mates are still like brothers and that’s the most important thing.

What’s something you admire about your friends?

Ryan: I admire the fact that we can joke around with each other, but when the situation calls for it, we can be serious. All of us respect each other and understand each other’s differences. I feel very comfortable expressing myself among my friends I met at George.      

Jared: I admire Ryan’s ability to make anyone laugh. For the decade I’ve known him, all of our friends have said that he’s one of the funniest people they know. I admire Evan for his quirkiness and upbeat personality. Both of these guys are likable, kind and genuine people.

Evan: I admire that they are really fun to hang out with and their ability to step up when needed.

Do you stay in touch with each other during the school year?    

Ryan: Yes, Jared and I talk everyday and Evan and I talk probably every week. We hang out together almost every weekend as well.

Jared: I talk to Ryan and Evan almost every day and see Ryan pretty much every weekend.

Evan: I’m constantly in touch with my camp friends. I can’t get rid of them. Our year is just a little weird like that.

Evan (left), Ryan (middle) and Jared (right) at camp, summer 2012.

Evan (left), Ryan (middle) and Jared (right) at camp, summer 2012.

What are you most looking forward to about the C.I.T. program?

Ryan: Personally, I’m really looking forward to the Ottawa white water rafting trip. I’m also really excited about placements. I’m really hoping to get the tripping placement so I can try to help kids have just as good as a time as I did on my trip.

Jared: I’m really looking forward to spending more time with these boys this summer. Evan only stayed for first session last summer, and I’m excited to spend another great summer with Evan, Ryan and the rest of our friends!

Evan: I’m looking forward to try some of the placements and to go white water rafting in Ottawa.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to new campers about making friends at camp?

Ryan: Be true to yourself and have an open mind. People always like someone who’s genuine, so don’t try to be someone you’re not. A great man once said, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” and I think this would apply deeply to someone’s experience at camp.   

Jared: Just be yourself. Play the sports and games you like and talk about the subjects you like. If you do this, you’re bound to meet other campers with the same interests. Just be yourself, and you will make lasting friendships!

Evan:  Be you. Try to find common interests with the rest of the people in your cabin. Most important just have fun when you get to camp. You won’t be friends with everyone the first day, but just try to enjoy yourself and it will all fall into place.


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