Blog  Why I’ve Gotta Get Back To George!

Why I’ve Gotta Get Back To George!

Pssst…  Jane HK here! I’m so excited that Sharon wrote our blog today.  I provided her with some prompts to discuss (in bold below) and she filled in the rest.  Happy reading!


Hi Camp George!

My name is Sharon and I am a Barak camper. This will be my 5th summer at camp. I come back to camp every summer, because of all the fun I have there, and because of the memories I create with amazing friends. Today I want to tell you about all the fun activities and why I’ve gotta get back to George!

Sharon (left) with her friend Talia at camp in summer 2012.

Sharon (left) with her friend Talia at camp in summer 2012.

My favourite activity… has to be the ropes course, because it makes you feel free. It also helps you get out of your comfort zone a little. But if you don’t want to do the activity then you don’t need to. But it is just so amazing to be free, whether you are on the zipline or swinging in the air. Or if you are trying to balance on a big log. It is just so much fun to be up there!

Another favourite activity is… “Warm and Fuzzies.”  This program is where every person has their own paper bag with his or her name on it. Then everyone gets little pieces of papers and pencils to use to write something nice about someone. Then you put it in a paper bag with their name on it. When this activity is done, everyone has a paper bag full of notes that people wrote to you about something that they like or a memory. I still have mine from when I was a Lehavot camper! It’s always good to go back during the year when you are missing camp and read your “Warm and Fuzzies” again! It’s so nice and it makes you feel “Warm and Fuzzy” on the inside. “

We have the most fun in our cabins when… we are all bonding together. Whether it is during rest hour, or during our Shabbat walks, we always have fun with our cabin. As long as you’re with your cabin, you are always happy, because they turn into your family.

The most fun thing that ever happened in the dining hall was when… we burst into a Taylor Swift song session! It was so much fun because everyone joined in and it was like an unplanned camp wide program!

My friends at camp are fun because… of how they make me feel. They make me feel special and included. Your friends at camp turn into your second family, because you live with them 24/7 for a whole month. You always have fun with your friends, because no matter what happens, they will always be with you to laugh, or cry at the end of camp when it’s time to go home!

My favourite Chugim last summer… involved going on the high ropes. It was really fun when we got to have an extra hour of high ropes to try out new things. High Ropes is one of my favourite activities at camp, and thanks to this chug, I have almost done every single course.

This summer… I can’t wait to meet new people and try new things. This year, I am going to try and remember and do as many things as I can because it is my last year as a camper! I’m just so excited to get back!

See you at camp in 68 days!



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