Blog  Meet Kari Provizer: A Member of Our Camper Care Team!

Meet Kari Provizer: A Member of Our Camper Care Team!

Hey Camp George!

I’m thrilled to share my interview with Kari Provizer, our newest edition to the   Camper Care Team members  with you. After eight summers as a Faculty member, Kari is a camp expert and can’t wait for summer 2013! Kari will be working with Ellyn Freedland to cover our Second Session Camper Care Team role. Read on to learn more about Kari,  why she loves camp and some of her tips on how to pack for camp!

– Appreciative of all the work that our Camper Care Team does!

Jane HK

Kari with her family at camp on Shabbat. (Summer 2012.)

Kari with her family at camp on Shabbat. (Summer 2012.)

Jane HK: How did you get involved with Camp George?

I am the Director of the Family Life Center at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan. When Camp opened we, as a URJ congregation, decided to support the camp and Rabbi Yedwab and his children became very involved.  A few years later I was fortunate enough to be asked by Ron Polster, the Director at the time to be on faculty.  That was 8 years ago!

Jane HK: What made you decide to send your kids to Camp George?

Really it was because of Ariella, Jesse and Zoe Yedwab.  Their love of camp was contagious!

Jane HK: Best lesson/ skill that your kids have learned from going to camp? 

They have learned a love and appreciation of Judaism and of Canada that they could not have gotten anywhere else.

Jane HK: As a faculty member, what were some of the things that you helped out with?  

When I started we helped with Schmooze, which is now Project Barak, Choose your own T’fillah, Girl Talk (Jane Amstey and I do this for Shabbat Limud), Fun evening programs and lights out, as well as helping with camper care.

Jane HK: Favourite camp event?

Super Spesh Song Sesh. 

Kari, spending time with Lehavot campers. (Summer 2012.)

Kari, spending time with Lehavot campers. (Summer 2012.)

Jane HK: What’s one of your favorite camp memories?

My very first Shabbat at camp when I watched all of the older campers come out for the Super Spesh Song Sesh with the Israeli flag and dance around the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) and bring in the younger campers to dance with them.  I stood back and watched in awe!!!

Jane HK: What part of your new role are you most looking forward to?  

I am so excited to work with all of our campers and help them to appreciate the wonderful gift of overnight camp and to learn to love Camp George!

Jane HK: Favourite T’fillah (service) experience?

 Doing a meditation Shabbat with Ryan Lezsner at the Ski docks!

Jane HK: Any tricks for packing for camp?  

Send something of comfort with your child, a favorite pillow or stuffed animal are great!  Also, divide and pack clothing and put them in order in big zip lock bags. i.e.: shorts in one, Shabbat clothes in another, t-shirts in one, underwear in another, etc….It helps keep the campers organized and is so much easier for them to unpack and keep track of their things!

Jane HK: What’s one piece of advice you have for new campers?  

Don’t sweat the small stuff; camp is an incredible growth experience for our kids.  They learn to be flexible and to enjoy their independence.   It is an amazing experience and gift to be able go away to overnight camp.


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