Blog  Introducing Our Summer 2013 Unit Heads!

Introducing Our Summer 2013 Unit Heads!

Hey Camp George!

We’re excited to introduce our summer 2013 Unit Heads to you in today’s blog!  They are: Lior Olinik (Nitzotzot), Erin Dessau (Lehavot), Darren Laser  (Kochavim), Joanna Shnall (Barak) and Mark Gutman (C.I.T.) Read on to find out everything from their favourite camp meal to their favourite memories!

Can’t wait to see our Unit Heads in action this summer!

– Jane HK


Mark (center) with 2012 C.I.T.'s Melanie (left) and Rachel (right.)

Mark (center) with 2012 C.I.T.’s Melanie (left) and Rachel (right.)

Complete this sentence: Outside of camp, I currently…

Lior: Work for the Jewish Agency and study political science and studies of Israel at the University of Haifa.

Erin: Am a student at McMaster University in Hamilton studying psychology, but this semester I am on exchange in Melbourne, Australia.

Darren: Work as the Youth Advisor for Temple Har Zion.

Joanna: Am  finishing up the first year of a masters degree in social work at the University of Toronto.

Mark: Work as the Youth Educator at congregation Beth El in Sudbury, MA.

Jo (second from the left) with friends at camp on Shabbat in 2009.

Jo (second from the left) with friends at camp on Shabbat in 2009.

How many summers have you spent at Camp George? What jobs have you done?

Lior: In summer 2010 I was a Kochavim counselor and in 2011 I was Rosh Mishlachat (working with all of our Israel staff.)

Erin: This is my 11th summer at camp. I have been a camper in every unit, CIT, counselor in Kochavim and Lehavot and Lehavot Assistant Unit Head in 2012.

Darren: This will be my 4th summer at Camp George. I was a senior counselor for two summers (2010 and 2011) and Kochavim Unit Head in summer 2012.

Joanna: After taking a three year hiatus, this will be my 11th summer at Camp George. I previously worked as a counselor for 3 summers in Kochavim and in Barak for one summer (2010).  I also worked with the drama staff to help put on the camper musical theatre productions (The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.)

Mark: This is my second summer at camp. Last summer (2012 I was also the C.I.T. Director.

Favourite camp meal:

Lior: The Shabbat soup.


Joanna:  Grilled cheese with tomato soup.

Darren and Erin on Shabbat at camp, summer 2012.

Darren and Erin on Shabbat at camp, summer 2012.

Favourite Disney movie:

Erin: Who put the glad- in gladiator….HERCULES!

Darren: The Lion King.

Mark: Aladdin.

Best way to spend free time at camp?

Lior: Enjoying the beauty of Maple Lake.

Joanna:  Spending time with friends, enjoying the beautiful nature.

What part of your job are you most looking forward to?

Lior: To be part of what creates the best summer experience that a camper can have.

Erin: Meeting all the new campers and showing them everything there is to know about camp.

Darren: I am looking forward to creating some new and innovative programming and pushing my staff to the limit of what they can accomplish this summer!

Joanna: I am most looking forward to an amazing summer in an amazing unit. Barak is a close-knit, spirited unit, fun and spirited, we are role models, and we are strong! I’m looking forward to working with every single camper and staff member to make it a successful summer.

Mark: C.I.T. rafting trip! It’s an amazing bonding experience for the C.I.T. unit.


Complete this sentence: A new skill that I learned at camp is…

Erin: A new skill that I learned at camp is cooking on a fire; I am one professional hotdog chef.

Darren: A new skill I learned at camp was how to properly make a camp fire!

Joanna: How to water ski.


Lior (right) on Yom Yisrael, summer 2011.

Lior (right) on Yom Yisrael, summer 2011.

What’s your all time favourite camp memory?

Lior:  Second session Yom Israel of 2011!

Erin: Every moment of my CIT summer (CITs ’08!)

Darren:  Definitely every Saturday night when we Havdalah in front of the camp fire at the point.

Joanna: My all-time favourite camp memories are the last Super Spesh Song Sesh of each summer…they are so spirited, the whole camp is laughing and smiling, and there is such a strong sense of community.

Mark: Watching the sunset on Shabbat from the Chadar Porch (Dining Hall) balcony.

Favourite book/ magazine/ comic to bring to/ read at camp:

Lior: The weekend newspapers from Israel, to stay updated about home.

Erin: The Harry Potter books! I read them as they came out each summer at camp!


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