Blog  Camp George Goes to The Dance to Conquer Cancer!

Camp George Goes to The Dance to Conquer Cancer!

Hey Camp  George!

I’m thrilled to be sharing the story of Camp George campers and sisters, Sydney and Sammi who are the co-chairs of the Kids 4 Kids team for “The Dance to Conquer Cancer.” In honour of Sammi’s Bat Mitzvah, Sammi (a 2012 Barak camper), Sydney (a 2012 Kochavim camper) and their mom, Robin, have taken on this project and they can’t wait to get dancing!

Read on to hear more about their efforts. To support their team click here!

– Wishing a big Yasher Koach to you all!

Jane HK



Jane HK: Tell Us About Yourselves…

Sydney and Sammi: Our names are Sydney and Samantha  and we are the co-chairs of the Kids 4 Kids team for The Dance to Conquer Cancer. We have also started the Turack Family Fund for Pediatric Oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital, where kids get treated for cancer, and the Blue Brain Bracelet, which raises money for brain cancer. Sammi is 12 and in St. Andrews Junior High, and enjoys dance and basketball. Sydney is 14 and at Northern Secondary School, and likes drama and baseball.

Jane HK: How did you get involved with this event?

Sydney and Sammi: We have been raising money for Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Foundation for years, and heard about the dance through them. We immediately took up the offer and decided to create our own team, where kids could help raise money and dance along with us!

Jane HK: What does the event entail?

Sydney and Sammi: It is a group of teams that raise money for personalized cancer research, that get together and dance for three hours on March 4th, along with people like Richard Simmons and The Meagan Boys. Then, at 6pm there is a dinner with entertainment and they announce the biggest fundraiser, with the Pointer Sisters.

Jane HK: What aspect of the event are you most looking forward to?

Sydney and Sammi: We are most looking forward to dancing with our team and seeing how much money PMH has raised in the end. This event adds up to the Billion Dollar Campaign For Cancer Research.

Jane HK: Sammi, how/ why did you decide to make this a part of your Bat Mitzvah experience?

Sammi: I decided that instead of selling bracelets that The Dance To Conquer Cancer would be a fun mitzvah and a great way to raise money for a great cause!

Sydney (left) with her friend Becca at camp.

Sydney (left) with her friend Becca at camp.

Jane HK: How have Camp George community members played a role in your efforts?

Sydney and Sammi: Many of our friends have donated generously to our team! Some of them may even join us the day of!

Jane HK: What advice do you have for camp community members who are also looking to fundraise?

Sydney and Sammi: Just go for it, your hard work, perseverance, and determination will pay in the end and you will have done a great thing!


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