Blog  Learning To Love The Ropes Course!

Learning To Love The Ropes Course!

Hey Camp George!

Up on Maple Lake, skill building and trying new things are important parts of everyday camp life. Last summer (2012), I was fortunate to witness one of these moments, where Carter, a Lehavot camper conquered his fear of the swing at Ropes, and ended up having a blast! Wanting to share Carter’s story, I asked him a few questions (which you can read below.)

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– Way to go Carter!

Jane HK


Carter with his counselor Mitch, smiling after coming down from the swing!

Carter with his counselor Mitch, smiling after coming down from the swing!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Carter Brovenick and I am 11 years old.  I am in 5th grade at Pleasant Lake Elementary in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

How many years have you been at Camp George?

Last summer was my first time at Camp George and my first time in Canada, too. (I’m from the U.S.)

What are some of your favourite memories from camp?

My favorite memories from camp are spending time with my friends, trying the swing and learning all kinds of new things.  It really liked the counselors also.

What made you want to try the swing?

I wanted to try the swing because it looked pretty awesome. I had never seen something like that on a ropes course before.  It’s truly very high up.

How did you feel while you were going up the swing?

When I was going up I was excited but I was unsure at the same time.  While I was swinging I was really scared to let go of the rope.  My stomach felt like it was blowing up.

How did you feel after completing the swing?

It turned out that I really loved it.  It was so much fun.  I felt the wind blowing in my face and when it was over I wished that it would last longer.  I was proud that I had done it.

 What would you say to fellow  campers who might be nervous about trying the swing?

I would tell campers that the swing is really not that scary – its more fun. I would say that it is one of the best things at camp and its worth doing.   You just have to go for it.

Will we find you up on the swing in summer 2013?

If I get the chance I would definitely go on the swing again this summer. I think that trying the swing showed me how it’s always good to try new things even if you’re a little scared.


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