Blog  Seeing Camp Through A Wider Lens: My Role As Communications Director

Seeing Camp Through A Wider Lens: My Role As Communications Director

Hey Camp George!

Me at Ski in summer 1999.

Jane HK at Ski in summer 1999.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jane Harris-Koblin (or as I’m known up at Maple Lake, Jane HK). Last January, I wrote my very first Camp George blog to tell you about my new role as Communications Director and about our brand-new Communications plan. What a year it has been!

Like anyone at camp, my “camp world” has always been the unit I was in as a camper or the one I worked in as a counselor and then Unit Head. And then I became the Communications Director, a position that has allowed me to see camp through a wider lens. My role has given me the ability to spend time with campers, with staff, with faculty, parents and community leaders, and it has taught me about the connection between each group. Something that we often say at camp is that “nothing at camp just happens,” meaning that everything – every program, lesson, and prayer has effort and leadership behind it and being in this role has allowed me to see that true meaning of this saying. Through blogging, I have had the privilege of speaking with many of our community members and have come to understand how the efforts that they each put forward help to shape and define our camp community.

Since I began this position, I’ve learned about how much work goes into planning a summer (it really does take 10 months!) and that has made me appreciate and love camp even more. It has been a pleasure to partake in many meetings, planning and brainstorming sessions with fellow camp staff and community leaders to work to make camp the best that it can be, and to make our off-season communications just as fun, interesting and inclusive as our summer camp community.

Jane HK with former Lehavot campers who were in older Barak summer 2012.

Jane HK with former Lehavot campers who were in older Barak summer 2012.

In my new role, I’ve experienced many amazing moments which were made even better by the fact that I was able to share many of them with our community. Some of my top moments include: seeing a camper try waterskiing for the first time even though he was nervous, watching a group of Nitzotzot girls learn to ride a bike, seeing our staff sit with their campers and guide them through the words of “Birkat Hamazon” (prayer after the meal), and seeing the campers who I had on my first year as staff become staff themselves. It is not that these moments are something new- in fact, they have always been a part of camp life– but, getting to share the dedication that goes into creating these memories with the larger Camp George community has made these moments especially rewarding.

Of course, it has been amazing to watch our online community grow, which has translated into strengthening the bonds of our “live” community as well. It used to be that camp life was restricted to two months a year, but we can now be a part of it 365 days a year and to be a part of that has been truly fantastic. I also want to take the time to thank everyone who has made this last year so successful – that is YOU, our community members! Without your participation, ideas and support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

As always, I love hearing ideas and questions from you, so feel free to email me at

Only 177 days until camp and counting!

Bye for now!

Jane H.K.


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