Blog  A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

Hey Camp George!

Each summer, our senior staff (two or more years on staff) have the pleasure of watching our junior staff (first year staff) join the team and grow into amazing leaders. While we know that all our staff learn a lot and develop many new skills, this is especially true of our first year staff. Wanting to share an inside look into what it’s like to be a first year staff member, I spoke with ten first year staff members to get their reflections on their first summer as staff.

In the last reflection we heard from Susannah Davis – a Lehavot counselor, and before that from  Zoe Yedwab – a Ski Specialist, Leah Stall – a Nitzotzot counselor, Ethan Yolleck – a Swim Specialist, Jen Cooper -a Nitzotzot counselor, Jack Iwrey -a Sail Specialist, and Esty Fisher a Nitzotzot counselor. Today, Noah Levin is sharing his reflection on  becoming a staff member and why it turned out to be an amazing summer! This is our final look into the life of a first year staff member.

– Jane HK

In Noah’s words:

Noah welcoming a camper on opening day 2012.

Noah welcoming a camper on opening day 2012.

On the bus ride up to camp, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. My eagerness to start another awesome summer at Camp George was subsided by an unsteady nervousness regarding my first job ever. Thoughts raced through my head,

“Will I be able to problem solve through camper issues?”

“How will I help a camper if he gets homesick?”

“What if my co-staff don’t like me?”

Luckily, these thoughts dissipated as I started working with the awesome staff and campers at George. I was a Paddlesports specialist, which was incredible. Every day I was by the water, doing what I loved most on camp – canoeing and kayaking. My two co-staff, Dayna and Sophie, were so great to work with. Dayna’s humour and insight, coupled with Sophie’s enthusiasm made Paddlesports the best place on camp! They taught me the ins and outs of being a staff member. They were also great friends throughout the summer. Not only was I lucky enough to work with two amazing people, I had a great time doing it.

I was also lucky to be staff members to the best unit on camp, Nitzotzot! The campers of N13 were the most energetic boys on camp. It was so fun to participate with them in evening programs and watch lifelong friendships form. No day was complete without a classic game of hockey or a hilarious book before bedtime. The N13 boys were a pleasure to work with, and I can’t wait to see them all next summer!

Summer 2012 was probably the best summer I’ve had at camp. It was interesting to finally be on the other side of the spectrum at camp and to have worked with amazing people throughout the summer.

See you at CG 2013!


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