Blog  A Reflection On My C.I.T. Experience

A Reflection On My C.I.T. Experience

Hey Camp George!

On the third to last night of camp, a group of C.I.T.’s sat down to write about their reflections on this summer, that share an inside look on the overall experience of the C.I.T. summer.

Previously, we shared reflections by Rachel, Justin, Sophie, SamanthaJenni, Talia, Josh, Mara,  ColeArielle, Ben and Sydney. In today’s blog, we’re sharing Melanie, Sarah and Ellen’s.

-With gratitude to our C.I.T.’s

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C.I.T.'s 2012

C.I.T.’s 2012


In Melanie’s words:

Dear Chelsea and Mark,

Hello! How have you been? What’s new?

What did you think of the summer overall? I think it was absolutely amazing. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I never thought I could get any closer to my best friends then I already was before the summer.

Sure, I didn’t complete all my summer goals, but I also couldn’t have imagined a better summer. One last goal I have for these last few days is to simply get closer with a few people that I haven’t quite bonded with yet. I hope the last bit is amazing as the last 7 weeks.

Thank-you for an amazing summer.

– Melanie

In Sarah’s words:

Best summer ever because…

– Rafting trip

– Bonding with my campers from placements (L2 and L4)

– Lights out programs for N3 – where we sung “House At Pooh Corner”

– Maccabiah

– Swim, Pottery and Sail placements

– Camping on the C.I.T. trip

– Bonding as a C.I.T. unit

In Ellen’s words:

This summer has been a great experience for me. At first I was not going to sign up for the C.I.T program this summer, but I am glad that I did. I have tried new things and done things that I would not have normally done. I was nervous about meeting the people from first session, but I am glad that I did.

One of my favourite moments from this summer was the rafting trip. I really enjoyed it because it was something different that I had never done before and it was lots of fun. I also really liked going cliff jumping because it was one of those things that I knew of but never thought I would actually get to do. It was also a great bonding experience for everyone. This summer was one of my favourites at Camp George because of all the amazing things that I have had a chance to do.