Blog  A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

Hey Camp George!

Each summer, our senior staff (two or more years on staff) have the pleasure of watching our junior staff (first year staff) join the team and grow into amazing leaders. While we know that all our staff learn a lot and develop many new skills, this is especially true of our first year staff. Wanting to share an inside look into what it’s like to be a first year staff member, I spoke with ten first year staff members to get their reflections on their first summer as staff.

In the last reflection we heard from Zoe Yedwab – a Ski Specialist, and before that from  Leah Stall – a Nitzotzot counselor, Ethan Yolleck – a Swim Specialist,  Jen Cooper -a Nitzotzot counselor, Jack Iwrey -a Sail Specialist,  and Esty Fisher a Nitzotzot counselor. This is the seventh look into the life of a first year staff member.

– Jane HK


In Susannah’s words:

Susannah (first on the right of the back row, with her Second Session cabin - L4)

Susannah (first on the right of the back row, with her Second Session cabin – L4)

Hi, my name is Susannah Davis and I just finished my first year on staff at Camp George.

After attending camp for eight summers as a camper, I knew that being staff would be the next step forward in my camp journey. But was I ready? I was used to babysitting. I have younger siblings and had lots of interactions with their friends. This was a completely different level. After just one week of intense training, I quickly discovered that “NO! I had no idea what was coming.” Who knew that a group of girls, aged nine to eleven years old, could be so tiring, but so much fun!? Over the two sessions, I soon became an expert in hair braiding, diffusing arguments, nail painting and bedtime songs.

Everything at camp is amplified. We say that a day at camp is like a week in the city. There is so much compacted in such a short time that it is hard to isolate just one moment that represented the best part of being a counselor. One that sticks out in my memory, is when two of my campers who weren’t the strongest swimmers, and a bit on the quiet side, swam with me from the sail docks to Durbin Island and back. The smiles on their faces and the pride that they felt made my heart sing.

This summer was quite possibly the best I have ever had at camp; and that was a very high bar to surpass. A lot will happen in the coming months. However, I know that regardless, come summer, I’ll be back at Maple Lake. Ready to build on all the new relationships started this year and create new memories.


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