Blog  Sarah’s Favourite Memory!

Sarah’s Favourite Memory!

Hey Camp George!

While camp was still in session, I asked for submissions from our campers about a favorite camp memory. In today’s blog, Sarah, a Lehavot camper, is sharing her memory of her cabins Island Adventure, and why she loved it!

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Still thinking fondly of my first Island Adventure in ‘99!

– Jane HK


In Sarah’s own words:

Sarah with her cabin, L2.


The overnight canoe trip was totally to die for! When I went, we canoed to the island. When we got there, I saw that we had two GIANT tents and it looked awesome! Later that night we swam and then watched the sun set. Then we had cookies and a talent show. We mainly had songs or riddles as talents.

Finally it was time to get into our sleeping bags and go to sleep. In the tent, we were laughing and talking (maybe a bit too much). In the morning, we all canoed back. All in all it was awesome!



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