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Why We Give

By: Gavin Herman, Chair of Development.

Marc Newburgh (Steering Committee member) and Gavin on the Ropes course at camp.

The season of giving is upon us once again, a time when we look forward to spending some quality time with our family, our friends, our children,  and possibly some visiting relatives who do not live nearby.

Why do we give now?  There are three typical reasons:

First, the monetary gift is a little easier at the end of the year. One of the simple answers may be that the taxman comes into focus as the year draws to a close – by giving now, we can reap a benefit in the next year. We can give now and get some of the gift returned to us in a few months’ time.

A second reason that we give now may well be the power of advertising.  Certainly the abundant, possibly the incessant flow of media advertising, can guilt some people into giving. In some parts of our culture the gift has to be the newest thing, the best of the breed, and perhaps even better than my neighbour or friend or colleague is receiving – one-upmanship.

And the third and perhaps best reason to give now is that it is a nice thing to do –  to treat the recipient to something special (not necessarily expensive) because you sincerely want to say thank you, or I love you, or I appreciate you, or you are special to me, or this is a worthy cause.  One of the worthy causes high on the list may well be Camp George.  This is truly a special place for our community, positively affecting hundreds of children every year through experiential Jewish education, positive role models, experienced teachers, a safe environment and loads of fun!  Camp has been proven to be the best assurance of creating and preserving the next generation of Jews, to say nothing of the creation of lifelong friendships.

Why do we give now?

Shall we focus on all of the positive attributes, activities, outcomes, and friendships that come out of Camp George every summer?  Shall we give to Camp to ensure that more and more Jewish children get the opportunity to participate and grow – to be better people?  Seems worthwhile to me!

That’s why I’ll be giving now.  Please join me.

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