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Favourite CG Memories On Twitter!

Hey Camp George!

For the month of September, we Tweeted campers favourite memories from summer 2012! Feel like you’re back at Maple Lake by reading through these memories, and of course, feel free to comment at the bottom of this blog with your own favourite memories! Don’t forget to check out this month’s “Name That CG Summer!” Follow us on Twitter @URJ Camp George!

Camper Eli’s favorite camp memory: playing “canoe tag” around Maple Lake + canoeing to the island. Sounds fun!#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Sydney’s favorite camp memory: “Making shrinky dinks and Tie Dye at A+C!” Sounds awesome! #GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Josh’s favorite camp memory: “Playing all the different games at the Yom Yisrael carnival!” #GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Michael’s favorite camp memory: “Going to Bikes with my cabin and biking through the Field of Dreams!” #GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Alex’s favorite camp memory: “Sailing around the lake with my cabin/ friends!” #GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Jordan’s favorite camp memory: “Learning how to build a shelter at Camp Craft + then building a shelter!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #G2013

Camper Rachel’s favorite camp memory: “Definitely Shabbat. Super Spesh Song Sesh is so much fun!” #GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Jessica’s favorite camp memory:”Going up on High Ropes with my cabin, + getting to spend time up there!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Jamie’s favorite camp memory:”Maccabiah!All the different activities were awesome, + cheering was fun!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Julia’s favorite camp memory: “Playing Israeli games with Mai and Ariel (staff) and my cabin at Sababa!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #G2013

Camper Adam’s favorite camp memory: “Going to Gan Matan, and learning about the garden, and having a cookout!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #G2013

Camper Daniel’s favorite camp memory: “Going to the beach with my friends and building sandcastles !”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Isaac’s favourite camp memory: ” The Egg Drop evening program, it was fun, and my cabins egg survived!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Katie’s favourite memory: Going to different Shabbat Chugim with my friends on Saturday afternoons!”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper Emily’s favourite memory: “Seeing old friends and meeting new ones !”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013

Camper David’s favourite memory: “Going on the water trampoline at Swim- it’s awesome !”#GottaGetBackToGeorge #CG2013