Blog  Creating A Camp George C.D.

Creating A Camp George C.D.

Hey Camp George!

Up at Maple Lake, singing Hebrew songs is a big part of daily life. Whether it’s during Super Spesh Song Sess, after a meal, or just walking to activity areas, the sounds of songs being sung by campers and staff alike can always be heard. This summer especially, we overheard lots of singing coming from the Blue Dorms where the songleaders created a recording studio. Behind this project was songleader Josh Nezon.

Wanting to get the insiders scoop on the CG recording studio, I interviewed Josh! Read on to hear all about the recording studio, CG C.D. and more!

The songs Al Shlosha Devarim and Kehillah Kedosha have already been released, so be sure to listen to them.

Loving the first two CG tracks and anxiously awaiting the next one!

–          Jane HK


Josh Nezon with fellow songleader Ryan Leszner on Shabbat. (Summer 2012)

A little bit about Josh…

Josh: I am going into my third year at Laurier University, studying Communications. 2012 was my tenth summer at Camp George!

What instruments do you play?

Josh: Piano, guitar, mandolin, flute and harmonica.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Josh: James Taylor, Jason Mraz, and of course Jewish artists like Rabbi Noam Katz (our Dean of Jewish Living), Alan Goodis, Josh Nelson and Dan Nichols.

Where did the idea to create the C.D. come from?

Josh: I was looking for a way to give something back to camp, and for a way to leave a legacy. I had the idea during the year, and worked with my fellow song leaders (as well as Rabbi Noam Katz and Jeff Rose) to make it a reality.

How did the recording process work?

Josh: The first step was setting up the recording studio, which we put together in the Blue Dorms. Then we had campers of all ages, the songleaders, staff, instrumentalists, faculty, and even Director Jeff Rose come to the studio and record. Dr. David Saslove and Judy Gershon were a huge help with this project.

From left to right; Lowell Rose – Songleader, Rabbi Noam Katz- Dean of Jewish Living, Ryan Leszner – Head Songleader, and Josh Nezon – Assistant Head Songleader.

What are the tracks on the C.D.?

Josh: There will be seven tracks released; “Al Shlosha Devarim, The Camp George Song, Hineini / Lean On Me, Ufaratzta, Adon Olam, Kehillah Kedoshah, and Adama Ve Shamayim.”

In your opinion, what has been the best part of creating this C.D.?

Josh: Knowing that we accomplished something that can be shared with the wider Jewish population, through different congregations, family, friends, etc., has definitely been the best part of this project.  The C.D. is a snapshot of the amazing Camp George community, and being able to share a glimpse of that with the “outside” world is really great.



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