Blog  A Reflection On My C.I.T. Experience

A Reflection On My C.I.T. Experience

Hey Camp George!

On the third to last night of camp, a group of C.I.T.’s sat down to write about their reflections on this summer, that share an inside look on the overall experience of the C.I.T. summer.

Previously, we shared reflections by Rachel, Justin, Sophie, Samantha and Jenni. In today’s blog, we’re sharing Talia and Josh’s.

-With gratitude to our C.I.T.’s

Jane HK


In Talia’s words:

Talia with Mark, 2012 C.I.T. Director

My reflections on this summer:

– I can’t believe there are only 3 days left, I’m so sad that my days as a C.I.T. are almost over

– I loved every placement I’ve been on

– I really tried to make an effort to bond with everyone in my cabin and unit

– I made many new friends and kept old ones, too
– I think and hope I am prepared to be a staff member! 
– I made memories here with my friends that will last a lifetime 
Mark and Chelsea: thanks for being the most amazing C.I.T. staff and helping to make this summer my best one yet at Camp George.


In Josh’s words:

When I look back on the summer, it seems like it went by so fast. Even though I can account for everything we did, it still seems quick. Coming into the summer, I didn’t think I would be able to be happy here for seven weeks – but I was wrong. My favorite time this summer was when the C.I.T.’s went to Ottawa.

I got to bond even further with my friends and experienced amazing new things. I’m excited to go home and see my friends and family again, and I’m grateful to have had this experience.

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